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Copenhagen Pride Week is a cultural and human rights festival that makes the LGBTQIA+ community visible and puts diversity and inclusion on the agenda in Denmark. We are steadily growing year by year, and are proud to be able to call ourselves Denmark’s largest diversity party. In 2022, we broke our own records for attendance with an estimated 30,000 participants in the Pride Parade as well as 250,000 spectators.

Copenhagen Pride is a voluntary organization which every year arranges Pride Week in the capital and at the same time is behind a number of smaller events during the year. With the last few years of visitor numbers and an expectation of an hopefully even greater attendance in 2023, Copenhagen Pride is a unique opportunity for targeted and direct marketing to gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) people.

There are many ways to support us as a partner – sponsorship, sale of wristbands, license products etc.

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An unique exposure

In 2023, Copenhagen Pride will take over the capital from 12 to 20 August with the longest Pride Week ever, where City Hall Square will be transformed into Pride Square. The parade will once again make its way through Copenhagen via Vesterbrogade to Rådhuspladsen, and the date for the parade is set for Saturday 19 August 2023.

Put diversity on the agenda

A collaboration with Copenhagen Pride is also a good opportunity to show that diversity is high on your agenda.

There are many opportunities to collaborate with Copenhagen Pride, and all sponsorships – regardless of size – are important to us. By backing Copenhagen Pride financially, you are helping to ensure that we can continue our work to reduce discrimination, create more equality and increase awareness of the importance of a diverse Denmark. Copenhagen Pride creates visibility to break down prejudices, and at the same time puts the necessary focus on areas where equality and tolerance have not yet been achieved.

Below you can read more about some of the opportunities you have to support and collaborate with Copenhagen Pride, but if you have ideas for how a collaboration could be built, we would really like to hear from you. We are used to thinking out of both boxes and closets, so we would love to discuss creative and alternative solutions with you.

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Sponsorship opportunities

There are many ways to collaborate with Copenhagen Pride, and below is an overview of some of the ways you can be visible to visitors during Copenhagen Pride Week 2023:

    • Logo on big screen on for instance City Hall Square
    • Logo on the official press wall
    • Logo on our website
    • Mention on Copenhagen Pride’s Facebook with more than 40,000 followers
    • Tent on Pride Square – 4/5 days

 These are just examples of solutions we can offer your company. We are ready with many more good ideas and sparring, and we are happy to tailor the solution to fit you exactly. If you have any questions, feedback or are interested in learning more about collaboration opportunities, get in touch with our sponsorship team. For more information, please write to Steve Taylor, Head of Secretariat, [email protected]

We look forward to working with you in the future and look forward to hearing from you.

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