The Community Garden 

The Community Garden

Copenhagen Pride’s new area, the Community Garden, is designed as a quieter and more secluded garden where you can retreat from the party, have a drink from our non-alcoholic bar, meet a wide range of LGBTI+ organisations and participate in social events. The Community Garden is also where our Safer Space tent is located and where it will be possible to change clothes before leaving the site.

Safer Space Tent

Our safety team is based in the Safer Space tent, but can also be found around the square from 17.30 every day. You can recognise them by their bright yellow t-shirts with the text “Safety Team” on the chest. They are there to make the site safe, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

The tent will be calm and our safety team is here to talk to you, sit with you or otherwise look after you. If you need help from paramedics or similar, they can help you make contact.  

When the tent is not open, please go to the volunteer tent if you need help.

Who can you meet in the community garden? 

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Sex & Samfund

Sex & Samfund

Intersex Danmark

Intersex Danmark

Intersex Danmark

Intersex Danmark



Lev & Lad Leve



LGBT Asylum

LGBT Asylum

LGBT Asylum


The AIDS Foundation 

At the AIDS Foundation, we fight for sexual health for all. We fight for a world without AIDS and a Denmark without new HIV cases by 2030. And for a world where norms do not harm people and everyone has the opportunity to have pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free from coercion, discrimination and violence regardless of HIV status, gender and sexuality. 

Asexual Association Denmark (FAD)

The Asexual Association Denmark (FAD) works to raise awareness of asexuality, both for the benefit of the surrounding society, but especially for asexuals, so that they know that it exists and that there are communities of like-minded people. In addition, we give asexuals a forum where they can meet each other and strengthen social interaction. Here we exchange experiences and talk about everyday experiences or just hang out in an atmosphere where sex is not interesting. 

The Association for Support for Transgender Children (FSTB) 

FSTB – The Association for Support for Transgender Children is an independent organisation of parents and relatives of transgender children and young people. We create networks for families and young people and provide counselling for relatives, young people and professionals. We inform society in general about the improvement of living conditions for children and young people who break with gender norms.

Intersex Denmark

The organisation Intersex Denmark was founded in 2017 and is the only human rights-based and intersex-led intersex organisation in Denmark.

The purpose of the association is to work to improve conditions for all intersex people in Denmark, regardless of age and variation, and from a human rights perspective, to inform about intersex and intersex conditions, and to provide counselling for intersex people and their families.

Lev og Lad Leve (Live and Let Live) 

Lev og Lad Leve is an organisation that fights to stop crimes and hate against queer people in Denmark. Lev og Lad Leve has previously published the book #StopHadetNu, which presented 1000 examples of hate against queer people. Now they are working on the campaign #AnmeldHadetNu, where the goal is to get more queers to report hate crimes and to make the reporting system safer and simpler. In the Lev og Lad Leves tent, you can hear more about their work and learn how to report a hate crime. 

LGBT Asylum

LGBT Asylum is an NGO and group of LGBTI+ people – asylum seekers, refugees, Danish citizens and people residing in Denmark. LGBT Asylum works to improve conditions and rights for LGBTI+ people who seek asylum or have been granted asylum in Denmark – by assisting and counselling through the asylum and integration process, by offering a psychosocial LGBTI+ network and by advocacy work. LGBT Asylum is headquartered in Copenhagen and has a local group in Aarhus. 

LGBT+ Denmark 

LGBT+ Denmark is Denmark’s largest and oldest political organisation for homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people and others who break with gender and sexuality norms. We are a democratic membership organisation and our board is our highest authority. We fight for everyone to live their life in full accordance with their identity through rights, safe communities and social change – locally, nationally and globally.

Pan Idræt 

Pan Idræt is “the Nordic region’s largest” rainbow sports organisation. Pan Idræt is a sports organisation where there is room for all sexualities and genders under the rainbow. We have over 25 different sports and activities for those who want to play sports, enjoy socialising and be part of a strong community with others in a rainbow club. We have existed since 1984 and have since then developed into a large free space with a wide range of offers within sports, events and other exciting activities. Read more about sports, events and everything else on our website. We have room for everyone under the rainbow!


RED+ is a crisis centre for minority ethnic LGBT+ young people aged 16-30 who experience negative social control and honour-related conflicts. 

RED+ is a department under the RED Centre against Honour-Related Conflicts. The shelter opened for residents on 1 February 2022 and is financially supported by the Danish Finance Act. To our knowledge, RED+ is the world’s first crisis centre for this target group with government funding.  


Sabaah is an organisation that works to create inclusive and supportive environments for LGBT+ people with minority ethnic backgrounds. Through a wide range of social, counselling, cultural and political activities across the country, we address the specific challenges faced by ethnic minority LGBT+ people. These include discrimination based on their sexuality and gender identity, as well as racism in society. Sabaah serves as a valuable platform for dialogue, education and support, and actively works to create positive change for our target group and the surrounding communities they are part of.

Sex & Samfund 

At Sex & Samfund, we fight for everyone’s equal right to make decisions about their own body and sexuality – both nationally and internationally. Many people know us for our national initiative “Week Sex”, where we focus on sexual education.

In this context, we participate as part of an alliance with KFP (Københavns Frie Promotere) and Copenhagen Pride (and others), where we fight for a safe nightlife.

The Red Van 

The Red Van (TRV) is a mobile harm reduction organisation for street-based sex workers in Copenhagen. Our mission is to make working conditions less unsafe by creating a safer working space for street-based sex workers and vendors. We believe that a safer space helps change the balance of power between sex worker and customer at the point of sale. We believe that safe working conditions are a human right. We believe in rights, not rescue.