Copenhagen Pride publishes new magazine: HeartCore

Copenhagen Pride’s new magazine has the name HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine.

The first edition of the magazine will be published on August 1 and every three months after that: 4 times a year. This edition of HeartCore is 88 and the content of the printed version is in English, but a complete Danish version can be found online.

Why ’HeartCore’?

Christian Vincent Jung is head of communication at Copenhagen Pride and editor in chief of HeartCore. Earlier this year, he told that the choice of name – Heart – is related to the Copenhagen Pride logo, a rainbow colored hear, and at the same time, the content of the magazine will be aimed at the heart of Copenhagen Pride’s values. Of course, HeartCore is also a play on Hardcore, which is sure to draw a few smiles.

From next week, HeartCore will be distributed in the rainbow community’s bars, clubs and organizations.

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