Do it yourself bookmark

Photo: Chiara F

Do you always lose your bookmark? You can easily fold your own, either by using regular paper, old homework, newspapers, or even a page from your favorite LGBTI+ magazine! 

By following the instructions below, you can learn how to do it – cut out the template or use it as a guide with your own paper.

The bookmark sits perfectly on the corner of the page – after some time being pressed in the book, the paper will keep its shape better. If you’re having difficulties, go to Copenhagen Pride’s social media to find our instructional video.

Tip! Always use a square with the same measurements on each side – we recommend 10×10 cm. If you’re using the template below for the very first time, make sure the marks are turned upwards, so you can follow the instructions.


  1. Fold #1 to #1 until it’s properly creased. Repeat with #2 to #2, until the paper stands so it looks like a flat pyramid.

  2. Fold the paper over the dotted line back and forth and unfold – you might need to repeat step 1 a few times, so the paper becomes easier to work with!

  3. Make sure the side of the paper with the lines named A and B is facing up. 

  4. Gently press in on the black dots so the paper folds into two connected triangles. 

  5. Fold each A-line so the corners touch the top of the triangle. Unfold.

  6. Fold each B-line so the corners touch the A-line. 

  7. Leave the B-line folded. Then fold the A-line again so it covers the B-line, creating the shape of a heart!

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