Dear reader,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the second edition of HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine. A special welcome to those of you joining us for the first time; this magazine is our first venture into print media and aims to be a platform for all of the voices that exists in the LGBTI+ community, as well as to amplify and empower these voices.

With every edition, we have chosen an overarching theme which will be the red thread leading you through the content. The theme for this edition is FAMILY. Families are fantastic, complex, messy, vulnerable and, most of all, they come in all shapes and forms. Family can be a connection by blood but can also spring from community. As a marginalized community in particular, many of us have had to look beyond the relatives we grew up with to find the acceptance we count on as family relations. There can be grief in this, but also beauty – and it is never too late to find a community who will embrace you as you are.

A family can be founded on greeting a new life, or on leaving an old life behind for something that feels like home. Families can be a safe harbor or a stormy sea.

For some, families are chosen communities that come later in life, where others have families that have always been with them. Some still have families in the more traditional sense, as well as a community that they consider just as close. With this edition of HeartCore, we want to tell some of the stories of these families and the people who form them.

As we begin to move into winter, we want to engage with the things that connect us and make us feel close to one another. It has been an unstable year in more ways than can be counted, and we are still faced with the uncertainty of what the future may hold and how to fight the ever-growing resistance to human rights. This can be a constant source of anxiety for many and presents a need for closeness and caring in between the battles that must be fought against homo- and transphobia, sexism, racism, fascism, misogyny, and other forms of oppression.  

We hope that you will enjoy reading about the history of the family structure we know today, family emerging through the underground, the struggles that can be present in starting a family as an LGBTI+ person as well as many more takes and topics. Again, we invite you to reach out if you have anything you want to contribute with to HeartCore, be it constructive feedback or an idea for the next edition. This magazine belongs to us all, and we strive to live up to that.

We wish you a very happy read!

The board of Copenhagen Pride and the HeartCore editorial staff

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