Copenhagen Pride opens up for inheritance as donation

Copenhagen Pride has entered into a new collaboration with Legal Desk, which helps private individuals to leave an optional amount for our cause in their will free of charge.

When including us in your will, you are helping to make a huge difference to our work.

You support us by filling out a short form at Legal Desk, where you will be continuously guided with helpful explanations. Based on your answers, Legal Desk automatically prepares a scholarship with the amount you want to give to us when you one day pass away.

Support a charity and give more to your heirs!

It may immediately sound like a contradiction that you can both support a good cause with a part of your inheritance and at the same time make sure that your heirs receive a larger inheritance. However, in some cases this can be done with the so-called 30% solution, which you can make use of when you make your will with Legal Desk.

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