Theme: Come Together

Come Together is the theme for Pride Week 2023!

Our movement has only achieved things when we have come together. 

The decriminalisation of homosexuality (90 years ago last year in Denmark), equal age of consent, registered partnerships, adoption rights, legal gender recognition, hate crime legislation, the list goes on but all have only been possible because we could come together.

And now, in 2024, the need to come together has never been greater.

Nationalists, the far right, evangelical Christian groups, and gender critical and ‘anti-woke’ movements, and many others want to slow and reverse the progress we have made. To challenge these destructive and hateful narratives, and to support the LGBTI+ community globally, we must once again come together. 

Like this summer, our theme for Winter Pride 2024 is come together. You can use it however you like, and on social media we recommend #ComeTogether. Here are some examples to give you inspiration!

We #ComeTogether every Pride to campaign for equality!

Me and my girlfriend #ComeTogether for trans rights!

As a business we are proud to #ComeTogether for Pride here in Copenhagen and all over the world.

Our two kids, with their two dads, #ComeTogether as one big rainbow family every Pride.

People who #ComeTogether stay together!

In solidarity we #ComeTogether to march for those who can’t, wherever they are.

Equality is all about making sure we #ComeTogether.

#ComeTogether with us at Copenhagen Winter Pride from 19-24 February 2024!

Photographer: Bjarke de Koning