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Apply to participate in Copenhagen Pride Parade 2023

Applications for Copenhagen Pride Parade 2023 taking place on Saturday 19 August are now open via this link. The absolute deadline to apply is 19 May, but as we process applications on a rolling basis, spaces may fill up before then, so we recommend applying as soon as possible. Please read all the information below before applying.

Expectations for Parade Groups

  • We expect you to have a message about LGBTI+ equality and human rights that you want to get out there.
  • As a company, you are there to celebrate diversity and must help stand up for LGBTI+ rights. You must have an idea and something you would like to include in that debate.
  • As a company, you have a stated policy on inclusion in the workplace which includes LGBTI+ people. 
  • Whether a group or a company we expect you to actively participate in the work for acceptance and rights for LGBTI+ people, and can articulate this, or have the desire to articulate this.
  • In addition to the political message, there is also an entertaining element in the Parade. There must therefore also be something for the audience to look at. It can be colours, entertainment and other festive elements but we expect it to reflect our theme. The theme will be announced in late March.
  • You commit to following the Parade Rules in full.

How to apply

Once again the Parade is expected to follow a route starting at Frederiksberg City Hall and ending at Pride Square in Copenhagen, via Allegade, Frederiksberg Allé, Vesterbrogade, Hammerichsgade, Studiestræde and ending on Vester Voldgade. Along the route we will have speakers presenting the participating groups to the many people who have come along to watch.

We encourage all who wish to participate to apply as early as possible. The deadline to apply is Friday 19 May, although applications are considered on a rolling basis from March.


Partners & LGBTI+ orgs receive decision by

Other companies and orgs receive decision by

Apply by 17 March

24 March

2 June

Apply by 7 April

14 April

2 June

Apply by 28 April

5 May

2 June

Apply by 19 May

26 May

2 June

Priority will always be given to LGBTI+ community organisations and to our Partners. If space is still available after 2 June, the registration period may be extended.

As part of our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2025, this year we expect that our Parade will become the first in the world to be all-electric. We will not allow any diesel or petroleum powered vehicles in the Parade. Our plans will be confirmed before 24 March and participating groups will hear more about this when they receive their confirmation email.

Before applying please ensure you have read the Parade Rules

Confirmation and Parade order

We will inform you of your position in the Parade in late June. For security reasons we do not publish the full line up for the Parade until mid-August. 


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