Rules for participation

Rules and regulations for participation in Copenhagen Pride Parade

Copenhagen Pride strives to maintain as few rules as possible, so people may focus on what is important: having fun and making an impact.

The Police and other authorities have dictated some rules which needs to be followed. The Parade Guides next to your group  must enforce the rules – this is for your own good, safety of all participants, and to ensure that Copenhagen Pride get the permissions needed to conduct future Parades.

These are the rules:

Mandatory parade guide

In order to participate in the Parade the groups must appoint:

  • One Parade Guide per vehicle above 3500 kg – and one additional Parade Guide if the vehicle railings are 90-120cm (according to special permission from the Danish Road Safety Agency).
  • One Parade Guide for walking groups disregarding the number of participants, and additionally one Parade Guide for every 100 walking participants.

It is essential that the Parade Guide takes the job seriously to contribute to safety; i.e. the Parade Guide is required to participate in the information meeting, stay sober and to remind others in the group of the rules, so safety will not be compromised. If the Parade Guide is not presented the group will be banned for participation. If the Parade Guide disappears from the Parade, the group will be removed.

Rules during the parade

  • Directions from Pride stewards, Parade Guides and Police Officers are to be followed at all times!
  • A zero-tolerance policy is enforced against people leaning out over the railing or otherwise climbing around on vehicles. If we observe this, both the vehicle and its occupants will be removed from the Parade immediately.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and give way to emergency vehicles.
  • The Parade does not cancel existing legislation on indecent exposure or the like.
  • The music volume emitted from trucks may only be at an ’acoustic’ level. As a rule of thumb this means the occupants on the previous or following float must be unable to hear you.
  • Don’t litter.
  • If you’re spreading glitter or confetti, it MUST be made from biodegradable material.
  • Distribution of samples or material (flyers, for instance) is strictly prohibited.

Music fees

Copenhagen Pride pays the KODA copyright holders’ fee for all taped or digitally stored music that is played during the Parade. If you bring along a live band, you will have to make arrangements with KODA yourself. This is not covered by the fee paid by Copenhagen Pride.

Participation fee 

The parade is free for individuals and LGBTI+ organisations. For all others, there will be a cost associated with participation. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more and make an agreement.

Individuals and small groups of friends

Individuals and small groups of friends do not need to register. Our Parade route is not barriered and so you can join from the side of the route. You must follow the directions of our security and Parade guards, and not walk close to any vehicles.

Groups of colleagues from a company or organisation who wish to wear or carry branding or a logo must register as described under Apply for participation. Unregistered corporate groups are ejected from the Parade.

Parade Guides

Due to the size of the Parade, for safety reasons each participating group must provide at least one Parade Guard.

Walking group of max. 99 people

1 guide.

Walking group of over 100 people.

1 guide + 1 guide per 100 walking

Walking group with vehicle

1 guide + 1 guide per 100 pedestrians + 1 guide per vehicle

Walking group with vehicle with railing at a height of 90-120 cm

1 guide + 1 guide per 100 pedestrians + 2 guides per vehicle

Vehicle & Equipment Hire

We strongly recommend you do not make any agreements on vehicle or equipment hire before we confirm your place in the Parade. Upon confirmation we will send you details of our recommended suppliers, and the requirements for vehicles etc.

Pride Up is our own in-house agency who can supply all aspects of activations for the Parade, whether you need a vehicle, driver, decoration, DJ, merchandise or just food and drink. Pride Up is often better value than most agencies, and their profits support Copenhagen Pride.

Confirmation and Parade order

We will inform you of your position in the Parade in late June. For security reasons we do not publish the full line up for the Parade until mid-August. 


Write us at [email protected].