Planning to be in the WorldPride parade? Here’s all the information you need!

This page contains information for organisers of groups and floats in the WorldPride Parade in Copenhagen on Saturday 21 August 2021. Registration for the Parade will begin in April.

  • Number of groups: 150-250
  • Number of vehicles: 70 (trucks, cars etc)
  • Max participants in the parade: 45,000+
  • Audience on the route: approx. 250,000

Rules and regulations

We strive to maintain as few rules as possible, so people may focus on what is important: having fun.

The police and other authorities have dictated some rules which needs to be followed. The Parade Guides next to your group might refer to the rules – this is for your own good and safety and to ensure that Copenhagen 2021 and Copenhagen Pride get the permissions needed to conduct future parades. These are the rules:

Mandatory Parade Guide
In order to participate in the Parade the groups must appoint:

  • One Parade Guide per vehicle above 3500 kg – and one additional Parade Guide if the vehicle railings are 90-120cm (according to special permission from the Danish Road Safety Agency)
  • One Parade Guide for walking groups regardless of the number of participants, and additionally one Parade Guide for every 100 walking participants (so if you have 250 people in the Parade, you need three Parade Guides)

It is essential that the Parade Guide takes the job seriously to contribute to the security; i.e. the Parade Guide is required to participate in the information meeting, stay sober and to reprimand the others in the group, so safety will not be compromised. If the Parade Guide is not presented the group will be banned from participation.

Rules during the Parade
Directions from Parade Guides and police officers are to be followed at all times

  • A zero-tolerance policy is enforced against people leaning out over the railing or otherwise climbing around on vehicles. If we observe this, both the vehicle and its occupants will be removed from the Parade immediately
  • Be aware of your surroundings and give way to emergency vehicles
  • The Parade does not nullify existing legislation on indecent exposure or the like
  • The music volume emitted from trucks may only be at an “acoustic” level. As a rule of thumb this means the occupants on the previous or following lorry must not be able to hear you
  • Don’t litter
  • Distribution of material (flyers, for instance) is prohibited

Music Fees
Copenhagen Pride pays the KODA copyright holders’ fee for all taped or digitally stored music that is played during the parade. If you bring along a live band, you will have to make arrangements with KODA yourself. This is not covered by the fee paid by Copenhagen Pride.

Sponsor Agreement
If you want to expose your company or organization brand/logo in the Parade, please contact and agree a suitable sponsor agreement beforehand.

Information for groups with motor vehicles (floats)

Generally – for all types of vehicles

We want the Parade to be a good experience for all participants and spectators, so we do not allow vehicles with visible exhaust or bad odour. All large vehicles above 3500kg must comply with Euronorm 5. Veteran vehicles do not comply with these requirements.

The Parade route is within the low-emission-zone declared by the city. This means that idling vehicles are not allowed prior to the start of the Parade itself.


You are not allowed to get on or off the vehicle at any time during the Parade. Remember to bring a toilet, pee bucket or similar. Decency must be maintained when using toilet facilities.

If you leave a vehicle before the Parade, you must lock it. When we are driving in the Parade, you must lock the cab, if possible.

Vehicle access permit for Parade Line-up Area

Only vehicles with an access permit get access to the line-up area and the Parade. Access permits are only granted to vehicles that participate in the Parade. Therefore it is NOT possible for support vehicles to the line-up area with equipment and decorations for the Parade trucks. Support vehicles are referred to the adjacent streets for parking. Equipment then has to be hand carried into the area.

For trucks only

Permission and MOT Test

If the vehicle is not authorised for the driving, we offer to apply for permission and arrange MOT test.

Before the Parade, we need to have information about all trucks in the Parade. We recommend hauliers with more trucks in the Parade inform us about one or more extra vehicles, so one of these can be used in case of unforeseen changes or damages.

Current legislation (in Danish):

When we apply for permission, we are also applying for dispensation from the rule about height of the railing. We seek permission for a height of 90 cm.

One representative from the Parade is ensuring that all vehicles have permissions, as this is a prerequisite for our permission for the Parade.

The police are also often verifying compliance of the rules.

Typical errors and mistakes

  • Horizontal spaces in railing are more than the permitted 25 cm.
  • Horizontal spaces between the railing and the base are more than the permitted 5 cm.
  • Railings are not robust enough, e.g. wooden bars contain knots or are simply too fragile
  • It is recommended that the entire railing is made of aluminium or steel
  • As a minimum, the top shine in the railing must be of aluminium or steel
  • We recommend that you bring extra materials to railings and fasteners if you have not previously been participating in the parade
  • The sides or railings are not firmly screwed
  • Fire extinguisher is missing or inadequate
  • First aid kit is missing


In the following we have provided some examples of vehicle layout for Parade driving for inspiration.

#1 This is a very nice example of both material, attachment and spacing:

# 2 Also very nice example where they choose to have a side without spaces:

# 3 Example of boards that are not sufficiently fixed and broke during the MOT test. In addition, spaces are too big:

# 4 Remember a ladder to get on and off. There are no requirements for the ladder.


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