HeartCore #4 – FUTURE

HeartCore #4 FUTURE

Welcome to the fourth edition of HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine. The theme for this edition is FUTURE. 

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A look in the crystal ball

By Anne Sophie Parsons Tarot cards have been used in the art of divination for thousands of years now – the Major Arcana combines recognisable imagery and seers have used the pictured persons and elements to foresee life-changing acts and situations to come. But how might a specifically rainbow-flavoured version of the card deck look

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Poem: My best guess

I looked up at the clear night sky After spending all day in my head Is a choice an act of living Or is living our best guess The stars will still shine Before and after I made up my mind One, two Maybe three Nights or years I choose to act free My past

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“I think we’ll get more kinky!”

A fetish club’s future By Mariya Alfa Staugaard On quite a regular Thursday afternoon, I ring the bell in Lavendelstræde by the sign saying, “Scandinavian Leather Men.” I have made an appointment with Lars and Henrik, board members of the SLM club, who have promised me a tour of the premises, while we talk about

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Expectations for a happy life

By Makia Ariela Elisabeth Jørgensen As an aromantic asexual, the endless flood of amatonormative expectations put forth by peers, family, friends, society – and myself – was once the force that crippled me. That is no longer the case. My heart was racing. I was drawing breaths faster than I could count, deeper, louder. The

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Will I ever find the real me?

By Anne Sophie Parsons If representation in pop culture and media still leaves a lot to be desired, imagine being a lesbian in the 1950s: The chances of seeing your sexual identity pictured was slim to none. But that changed when the book genre pulp fiction – mass-produced cheap paperbacks with a focus on raunchy

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Introducing: The HeartCore Reading Room

Gaydies and gentle-them, homos and homies, let us run this bi you: A HeartCore Book Club! Yes, that’s right, the three you’ve started yourself over lockdown are not enough, so we’re inviting you to join ours! We’ll read LGBTI+ literature from all genres and we want you to get involved. We’ve set up a Facebook

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The racial politics of queer reproduction in Scandinavia

By Rikke Andreassen and Ulrika Dahl Lead paragraph During the past 15 years, Scandinavia has experienced a huge baby boom in queer families. With new legislation providing lesbian couples and single women access to state-funded reproduction technology, combined with greater reproduction by gay men through surrogacy, the family landscape has drastically changed. A new research

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Nostalgic Futurism

By Jens Ulvedahl Eighties aesthetic has never been so prominent in pop culture as it has been for the last few years, not counting, of course, when the year was 1980. In the fashion business, we see modern versions of oversized blazers, mom-jeans, and loud colours and it is impossible to walk down the street

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Love has no limits, and neither does allyship

Allyship: solidarity with members of a marginalized group to which one does not belong While most social and cultural advancements are held back by systems of oppression, constant adversity, and struggle, allyship is wholly up to you. Being an ally is not easy – it is not supposed to be – but making the decision

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Editorial: What does the future hold?

Welcome to the fourth edition of HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine. Whether you’re a new reader or have followed along with our journey, we’re happy you’re here! As always, we have selected a theme to tie together all our content, and this time we are peering into the FUTURE. As LGBTI+ people, thinking

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The hope for a safer university

This article comments on a current debate, and the opinions expressed here belong to the writer. By Jens Ulvedahl In the past few years, the debate of identity politics has ravaged through the University of Copenhagen, and the subject has almost been debated to death. This is not without consequences, since it makes us forget

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