Copenhagen Pride’s new board: Familiar faces leading renewed ambition

Photo: Frank Holm / Out & About. From the left: Tommy Petersen (he/him), Brian Allesøe (he/him), Caroline Thøgersen (she/her), Lars Christian Østergreen (he/him), Lars Henriksen (he/him), Benjamin Hansen (he/him) og Nina Matusik (she/her). Ikke med på billedet er Lai Christian Balsig (he/him) og Fombu Asaha (he/him). “Equality and quality”. This is how Copenhagen Pride’s vision

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Amsterdam wins the bid for WorldPride 2026!

The Board of Copenhagen Pride have congratulated Dutch colleagues Amsterdam Pride after they were announced as the host of WorldPride in 2026. Copenhagen Pride had voted in support of Amsterdam’s bid, which will be the first WorldPride to return to Europe after Copenhagen hosted in 2021. The alternative bid was from Orlando, Florida. Bids were

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AGM 2022: Final agenda

Final agenda for the ordinary general meeting in Copenhagen Pride. The general meeting will be held in the association’s offices at Farvergade 2, st., on 7 November at 7 p.m. Election of moderator Election of reporter Election of vote counters The board’s report on the association’s activities in the past year The audited accounts are

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Call for interviewees: Access at Pride

PRIDE WEEK AND ACCESSIBILITY Have you experienced challenges regarding accessibility during Copenhagen Pride Week and would you like to share these experiences with us? We are looking for 3-4 LGBTI+ people who would like to participate in an interview for an article for HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine, about the challenges they have

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Call for Copenhagen Pride ordinary General Assemby 2022

The general meeting will be held at the offices of Copenhagen Pride, Farvergade 2, st. in Copenhagen on Monday 7 November 2022 at 19.00 with the following agenda:  Election of moderator Election of reporter Election of vote counters The board’s presentation about the doings of the association in the past year  The revised accounts are

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QueerPlus is the theme for Winter Pride 2023! 

Winter Pride is an event that encourages us to get close to one another and to listen and learn from each other’s experiences. With that in mind, we are now ready to present to theme for next year’s first Pride event: QueerPlus.   QueerPlus is an exploration of overlapping identities and intersectionality. It is about recognizing

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7,000 hours of volunteer work during Copenhagen Pride Week

It is the volunteers who are the driving force behind Copenhagen Pride – and this year, we have seen an incredible amount of hard work to deliver an ambitious event. There is not a lot about Copenhagen Pride that can be said to be ‘how we usually do it’. A lot has happened since the

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Thank you for a record-breaking Copenhagen Pride

The dust has settled, the unicorn wings have been folded away and the placards and banners stored for another year: Copenhagen Pride 2022 has ended, and now we want your feedback! With the global pandemic radically changing plans for Copenhagen Pride in 2020 and WorldPride in 2021, this was the first full Pride since 2019.

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