Open call for Copenhagen Pride’s Pride Week human rights programme 2022

Registration for Pride Week 2022 is open – are you going to be part of this year’s program?

Pride Week takes place between August 13th and 21st, 2022 in Copenhagen. We aim to create a space for information, debates and human rights by highlighting various aspects of LGBTQ+-related topics. This year we, again, wish to promote diversity in target audiences and themes.

Everyone can send in proposals to the programme both organizations, associations and individuals.

Find the application form here.

If you wish to contribute to the Human Rights Programme, please fill out the application form no later than April 4th, 2022. You will receive a reply from us shortly after deadline. Due to high demand and a limited amount of spaces, we are unable to promise that all events will be included in the program.

Expect that all events will be livestreamed or filmed unless the event is a BSP or Safer Space event.

In the application form, you will find two textboxes. The first one is for the final event description, which will go in the printed and online program. The second one is for additional remarks that might be relevant to us during the decision process. After event approvals you cannot change the description nor content of the event. However, panelists and smaller changes can be added to the Facebook events we make. We may edit or change the text as well as translate it into Danish/English.

If you have any questions, please contact Jax [email protected].

Photo by Solbjørgh Hansen

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