Pride calendar 2023

Graphic by Camilla Asra Engelby

By Mathias Palmqvist

Time and time again, the stereotype that small towns are devoid of openness is proven to be wrong. What we are actually seeing is that more and more Prides are being formed around the country and all around the Nordics countries. 

That is something to celebrate and participate in – maybe with a little Pride crawl in the summertime?

Here, you can find an overview of the Danish Prides along with Greenland, The Faroe Islands, and our closest Scandinavian neighbors in Norway and Sweden. 

Unable to find a Pride in your area? Perhaps you could join together with friends and family to start one – Copenhagen Pride are always happy to provide advice and guidance.  

Be mindful of changes to the different events and always check the website for the latest updates.

1: Odense Pride
Saturday 20 May

2: Västra Götaland / West Pride
5-11 June

3: Odder Pride
Saturday 10 June

4: Aabenraa Pride
22-25 June
Abenraa Pride på Facebook

5: Aarhus Pride
24 June

6: Oslo Pride
23 June – 1 July

7: Malmø Pride
5-8 July

8: Aalborg Pride
Saturday 8 July

9: Esbjerg Pride
Saturday 8 July

10: Nuuk Pride
Friday 14 July

11: Skagen Pride
lørdag 17. juli
Skagen Pride på Facebook

12: Faroe Pride
Thursday 27 July

13: Holbæk Pride
Saturday 29 July

14: Viborg Pride
Saturday 5 August
[email protected]

15: Kolding Pride
Saturday 5 August

16: Copenhagen Pride
12-20 August

Nørrebro pride
19 August 
Instagram: nbropride

17: LundaPride
19-26 August

18: Sønderborg Pride
21-26 August

19: Christiansø Pride
Satuday 26 August

20: Horsens Pride
Saturday 2 September

21: Holstebro Pride
Saturday 9 September

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