Pride Parade 2022

Copenhagen Pride Parade 2022

What’s new in 2022?

We are back in Frederiksberg as we were in 2019.

We expect to change the Pride Parade route. We expect to start from Frederiksberg City Hall and turn right down Allegade – Frederiksberg Alle – Vesterbrogade – Hammerichsgade – ending at Studiestræde.

We expect to be able to make the new route public by 5 May 2022.

New on the route

This year we will have a speaker who will present the different groups participating in the Pride Parade. It is therefore important that you write your plan and message in the application so that we have something to tell about your group.

Good environment for everyone

We want the parade to be a good experience for all participants and spectators. Therefore, we do not allow vehicles with visible exhaust or clear odors. All vehicles requiring a large driver’s license must comply with euro standard 5 (euronorm 5).

Veteran vehicles do not meet these requirements!

Mandatory Parade Guide for everyone

Due to the size of the parade, we need to increase the number of parade guides for safety reasons. Unfortunately, we are far from finding the necessary volunteers for the task. Therefore, we introduce a requirement that all groups – regardless of size – must provide at least one parade guide.

Below you can see an overview of how many parade guides each group should present:

Walking group of max. 99 walking

1 guide

Walking group of over 100 walking

1 guide + 1 guide per 100 walking

Walking group with vehicle

1 guide + 1 guide per 100 walking + 1 guides per vehicle

Walking group with vehicle with railings in height 90-120 cm

1 guide + 1 guide per 100 walking + 2 guides per vehicle

NOTE: Vehicles with handrails in the height 90-120 cm. (ie. those who utilize the exemption from the Danish Transport Authority) must have parade guides / guards on BOTH sides of the vehicle. These groups must therefore provide 2 parade guides only to ensure that no persons crawl on/off the vehicle while driving.