WordPride Parade info 2021

The WorldPride parade will take place on Saturday 21 August 2021 at noon.
Copenhagen Pride are hosts of WorldPride 2021 – all information regarding the event can be found on  www.copenhagen2021.com

As is tradition, the parade will take place on the last day of Pride Week, and is thus the “beginning of the end”, before the big closing ceremony on City Hall Square.

On this page, you will find the following information

  • Expected parade route
  • How to register for the parade
  • Rules for participation in the parade
  • Information and news
  • The parade route

The route is approximately 4 kilometres long.
Expected duration from the first group leaves Axel Møllers Have to their arrival at Copenhagen City Hall Square is 3.

The route will go from Axel Møllers Have via Frederiksberg City Hall Sqaure to Copenhagen City Hall Square via:

  • Falkoner Allé
  • Allégade
  • Pile Allé
  • Frederiksberg Allé
  • Vesterbrogade
  • Hammerichsgade
  • Jamers Plads
  • and via Tivoli to
  • Copenhagen City Hall Square

Planned stops along the way
In spite of valiant efforts to keep the parade together, we experience time and time again the parade splitting up into segments – gaps simply appear. This endangers participant safety (because of cars attempting to cut in or cross) and it is not a very audience friendly spectacle either. For that reason and according to suggestion from the police, we have planned stops along the way. The front section of the parade in particular should thus expect to be directed to stop for 5-10 minutes several times along the way. We hope that this will close any gaps and increase the density of the parade.

That being said, we also ask all participants to keep moving at all times when possible. We understand it may be tempting to stop and pose for photographers to show off the result of months spent labouring over your costume or the like. Step aside and let the parade pass if you want to have pictures taken. Otherwise, it is not just you who has to catch up with the people in front of you afterwards – the 25-35.000 people BEHIND you also have to catch up! We know from exprience that this creates gaps very easily; it is a safety hazard and it ruins the overall impression of the parade.

So – pretty please: Don’t stop!!

Appliying for participation in the parade
The registration of walking groups and vehicles will open on April 1. Information for parade groups can be found here.

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