Our wristband is greener than ever!

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By Nina Matusik, Partnerships Coordinator at Copenhagen Pride 

Every year, we launch a wristband that enables people from the community, allies, and people from out of town to come together and show support for Copenhagen Pride. It has become a prominent sign of support that we carry with us in our everyday life. For some, that might have been a great conversation starter, for others a statement. Regardless of your reason for wearing Copenhagen Pride’s Official Support Wristband, we want to make sure that we stand behind every aspect this small piece of fabric represents. 

This year seemed like a perfect time to put sustainability and geopolitical awareness at the forefront. We became the first Pride Parade in the world with all-electric vehicles and have introduced a lot of new carbon-reducing solutions. We moved our wristband production to Hungary, collaborating with a business that stands by our values, and reinvented the design from the ground up. 

Starting with the wrapping, which was previously made from plastic. This year, the packaging is biodegradable and made of corn starch.

The informational card which comes with the wristband is made out of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, which means all wood, paper, and other wood-based materials come from recycled or reclaimed (reused) material. The wristbands themselves are woven with thick yarn polyester and fastened with an adjustable bamboo bead.

From now on, we include information and the possibility to donate to our Solidarity Fund, which provides support for Danish and International LGBTI+ organizations and other organizations or activities which cannot access regular funding streams. So far we have supported organizations in Ghana, Nigeria, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and many others. 

The inflation and general economic crisis have forced increased pricing on many manufacturers and shops, but we have made the active decision to keep our prices the same, and the wristband will again cost 50 DKK. Copenhagen Pride will always do our best to put accessibility and inclusion first, also regarding financial means. If you are able to donate a couple of kroner extra, please use the QR code on the informational card to support the Solidarity Fund. 

Apart from the product design and materials used to produce the wristband, we will expand our distribution and availability to cultural institutions, libraries, Partner offices, and many other places. It will now be possible to donate and purchase the Official Copenhagen Pride Support Wristband through MobilePay, which enables the sale in places where there is no cashier system.

The launch and distribution of our new wristband is scheduled for June, together with a couple of exciting opportunities for those of you interested in upcycling, circularity, sustainability, and art. Keep an eye out on our social media platforms and get ready to be creative!

The Copenhagen Pride 2023 support wristband launches in June and will be available nationwide in July. Find more information on copenhagenpride.dk/wristband.

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