On the side of humankind

There is a predictability to any media story about Copenhagen Pride and the way that those who oppose us will seize upon it, add several lies and falsehoods, and then spread it as if it were true. The current story in which it is suggested that Copenhagen Pride has ‘picked a side’ in the current

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Copenhagen Pride’s statement on the situation in Palestine

Everyone at Copenhagen Pride – including our volunteers, board and staff members – has been appalled by the humanitarian catastrophe that has unfolded in Gaza in the last five months. We have spoken before of the need for an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages on both sides, when we said: “The humanitarian

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Are you our new Production Manager?

Copenhagen Pride organises Denmark’s biggest human rights events and we are recruiting an experienced and highly competent Production Manager to join our Secretariat on a full time, permanent contract. The Production Manager reports to the Head of Secretariat, and is responsible for managing the Production Coordinator. They work very closely with the volunteer and staff

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Winter Pride programme 2024 out now!

Light up the winter darkness: You are invited to Copenhagen Winter Pride Come together – be together For the tenth time, we are proud to present Copenhagen Winter Pride at Huset-KBH. Just like this summer, the theme is Come Together; an invitation to closeness and togetherness in the LGBTI+ community. This fits perfectly with the

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Awaken your inner ice queen at the Frozen Fantasy Show!

This year’s Winter Pride afterparty has the theme Frozen Fantasy Show and offers an evening filled with comedy, drag, concerts and, of course, the opportunity to get warmed up on the dance floor. Once again this year, the party will be held in Pressen, which will be transformed into a frosty Winter wonderland for the

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WorkProud adds business focus to Winter Pride agenda

At next month’s Winter Pride, Copenhagen Pride will launch an annual conference focusing on LGBTI+ people in the workplace. ‘WorkProud’ is to be hosted by Dansk Industri at Industriens Hus on Friday 23 February and includes speakers from across Copenhagen Pride’s portfolio of commercial partners, alongside national and international leaders in the field. David Pollard

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Notice for extraordinary general assembly

The board of Copenhagen Pride hereby calls for an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday 23 January at 19-21 at the association’s office at Farvergade 2. The agenda has one item: Approval of the accounts. The board motivates the invitation as follows: As mentioned at the annual general meeting on 30 November, the accounts at that

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Udbud af bogholderifunktionen i Copenhagen Pride

I forbindelse med udbud af bogholder- og regnskabsassistanceopgaven ønsker Copenhagen Pride at indhente tilbud på opgaven, nærmere defineret i det nedenstående. Opgaven overtages fra vores nuværende bogholder pr. 1. februar 2024 og løbende frem til 31. januar 2026 med mulighed for forlængelse og med normale opsigelsesvarsler fra begge parter. Copenhagen Pride er en mindre forening

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Wanted: Head of Pride Art

Copenhagen Pride is Denmark’s largest, most colourful and diverse human rights event and has been bringing the fight for equality and diversity to the streets of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen for more than 25 years. After two successful years with our art space, we are now looking for a Pride Art Area Manager to lead the

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