Why your business should visibly support Copenhagen 2021

All businesses improve their customer and employee’s experience when they embrace Copenhagen 2021. In a personal blog, our graphic designer Camilla reflects on the personal impact when a previous employer supported Pride. This article was originally published on the Copenhagen 2021 website.  It was raining that morning when I left for work, so I brought my umbrella.

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Copenhagen Pride speaks at event for a safer city

On Saturday 22 March, Copenhagen Pride co-organized the event #GørByenTryg (make the city safe) in Ørstedsparken in Copenhagen and the Botanical Gardens in Aarhus, which aimed to highlight the feeling of being unsafe in the urban space for women and minorities. The following is the speech given by Mariya Alfa Staugaard in Copenhagen on behalf

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New statement spreads hope for Prides this summer

Festivals are within reach! Today’s statement fosters hope for a summer with fewer restrictions and more opportunities to come together for bigger events. On the anniversary of the first national lockdown, prime minister Mette Frederiksen held a short press meeting in front of Herlev Hospital. And for the first time in a long while, her

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Copenhagen Pride opens up for inheritance as donation

Copenhagen Pride has entered into a new collaboration with Legal Desk, which helps private individuals to leave an optional amount for our cause in their will free of charge. When including us in your will, you are helping to make a huge difference to our work. You support us by filling out a short form

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New Facebook group: mental and physical well-being

For the next four weeks, Copenhagen Pride will be working in collaboration with personal trainer and dietician Nevan Solagna via the Facebook group: Mental og Fysisk Sundhed – Copenhagen Pride x Nevan For four weeks, we will be focusing on our general health. Every day Nevan will post something so that you can learn something,

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Get married at WorldPride 2021

with a special ceremony in Copenhagen or Malmø… Because love always wins! This page was originally published on the Copenhagen 2021 website Copenhagen 2021 is the world’s most significant celebration of love and equality taking place this year – and so it’s the perfect place to say ‘I do’ to your partner. In Copenhagen, you

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Five Qs for the chairperson

A whole new Pride Lars Henriksen has been chairperson of Copenhagen Pride since 2013. Here, he discusses what the new circumstances will mean for Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 and what has been learned during the planning process. What can we expect from Copenhagen Pride Week this year? First and foremost: that it will be different

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Copenhagen Pride publishes new magazine: HeartCore

Copenhagen Pride’s new magazine has the name HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine. The first edition of the magazine will be published on August 1 and every three months after that: 4 times a year. This edition of HeartCore is 88 and the content of the printed version is in English, but a complete

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Copenhagen Pride goes online and develops new virtual universe

In record time, Copenhagen Pride has worked innovatively and with a vision to develop a format for Pride Week that lives up to the current government guidelines regarding corona virus. “This means that all debates can be viewed from home, that we’ll be turning the parade digital and bringing the evening show in a television

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