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Copenhagen Pride
Farvergade  2, st
1463 Copenhagen K

General enquiries

General enquiries for Copenhagen Pride:
[email protected]

[email protected]

Press and accreditation:
[email protected]

Booking / suggestions for performers:
[email protected]

Press enquiries

Are you a journalist who needs to get in touch with us quickly? Then get in touch with our organizational chairperson Benjamin Hansen [email protected]

or political officer Lars Henriksen at [email protected]

Phone: +45 41109414

Finance and banking details

[email protected].

Copenhagen Pride CVR number

Arbejdernes Landsbank 5379
Account nr.: 0000247065

The secretariat

Head of Secretariat

Steve Taylor (He/Him)
[email protected]

Communications Manager

Mariya Staugaard (She/Her)
[email protected]
Phone: +4553827278

Event coordinator

Lea Hedeskov (They/Them)
[email protected]
Phone: +45 93907986

Political communications consultant

Mads Hvid

Mads Hvid (He/Him)
[email protected]

Partnerships and sponsors

New enquiries contact [email protected]

Thomas K. Rasmussen (He/Him)
[email protected]

Helle Bjørnstrup (She/Her)
[email protected]

Michael Benzon (He/Him)
[email protected]

The board

Being a member of the board of Copenhagen Pride is 100% voluntary work. It takes quite a bit of work to get an event like the annual Copenhagen Pride parade up and running, not to mention the numerous other events we organise around the year. Here are some of the people behind Copenhagen Pride.

The board of Copenhagen Pride consists of 7 board members and 2 alternates. Elections for the board take place annually in the end of November, as per our statutes.

Organizational chairperson

Benjamin Hansen (He/Him)
benjamin. [email protected]

Political chairperson

Lars Henriksen (He/Him)
[email protected]

Organizational vice-chair

Nina Matusik (She/Her)
[email protected]

Political vice-chair

Tommy Petersen (He/Him)
[email protected]


Lars Christian Østergreen (He/Him)
[email protected]

Board member

Brian Allesøe (He/Him)
[email protected]

Board member

Lai Christian Balsig (He/Him)
[email protected]

Board member

Caroline Thøgersen (She/Her)
[email protected]

Board alternate

Fombu Asaha (He/Him)
[email protected]

Area managers


Head of Parade


[email protected]

The parade group:
Tomas B. Sørensen (He/Him)
Helena S. Mouritzen (She/Her)
Dennis Schmidt (He/Him)
Henrik Bardtrum (He/Him)

Head of Volunteers

Julie Rosenvinge Jensen (She/Her/They/Them)
[email protected]

The volunteer group
Vinnie Olsen (She/Her)

Head of Production

Leo Kristensen (He/Him)
[email protected]

Head of Security

Jesper Sørensen (He/Him)
[email protected]

The security group:
Kim D. Eriksen (He/Him)
Nikita Nielsen (She/Her)

Head of Pride Square Daily

Nikita Nielsen (She/Her)
[email protected]

The Pride Square group:
Hanna Juhl (She/Her)

Head of Bars (F&B)


Head of Hospitality



Head of Show

Tonny Liljenberg (He/Him)
[email protected]

Head of Human Rights

Christoffer Jax Jakshøj (He/Him)
[email protected]

The human rights group:
Silas Christensen (They/Them)
Line Kristensen (She/Her)
Katrine Raaby (She/Her)
Cecilie Appeldorff Fryland (She/Her)

Head of Culture

Albert Bendix (He/Him)
[email protected]

The culture group:
Charlotte Toft (She/Her)
Christian Sebastian Lauritsen (He/Him)
David Beyaie (He/Him)
Kristoff Green (He/Him)
Louise Østergaard Sørensen (She/Her)
Morten Louv Langhoff (He/Him)
Nadia Abraham (She/Her)
Simone Lindvall (She/Her)

Head of Children

Malene Tofte (She/Her)
[email protected]

Head of Youth

Alberte Schmidt (She/Her/They/Them)
Lukas Clare (They/Them)
[email protected]

Head of Pride Art

Rasmus Wegner (He/Him)
[email protected]

Head of Pride Academy

Anders Hagerup Larsen (He/Him)
[email protected] 



Kristian Nejsum (He/Him)
[email protected]

Copenhagen Pride's organizational supervisor

Christian Knudsen (He/Him)
[email protected]