Solidarity Fund

Solidarity Funds

Every year Copenhagen Pride supports a number of Danish and international activities related to LGBTI+ life and rights through our Solidarity Fund. LGBTI+ organisations and projects from all over the world that need financial support can apply. We are immensely proud of being able to provide this support.

Our financial support, whilst limited, is prioritised for Pride organisations and other organisations who cannot access regular funding streams. We cannot provide financial support to individuals. 

Please note, the Solidarity Fund has already supported several important projects in 2023 and we are unlikely to make significant awards until at least September 2023.

If you wish to apply, first please send an email to Steve Taylor, Head of Secretariat, at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Details of the organisation and its history
  • The amount needed (NB: we very rarely make awards of more than €2.000)
  • Information on why the funding is needed, and where else you have tried to find the funding
  • A breakdown of the budget

You will receive a reply from Steve within ten days and he will advise on the next steps.

Here are some examples of what and who we have supported:


Greenland LGBT+

Support towards Nuuk Pride.

Odense Pride


Holstebro Pride


Emergency fund in Turkey and Syria

Aid for LGBTI+ people and sex workers after the earthquake.

LGBT+ Rights Ghana

Support for Pride activities.


Holbæk Pride

Various Pride activities.

Lesbian party in Odense

Donation of merchandise for decorations.


Sofia Pride

Support for movie production.

Lev og Lad Leve

Publishing of the book #StopHadetNu.

Queer Youth Uganda

Covering office rent and daily expenses.


Conpazes (Columbian NGO)

Purchasing food for HIV positive people.


EPOA conference in Warsaw

Conference for the Polish LGBTI community.

Kolding Pride

Start-up of the association and digital event development for the year after.


Lahore Trans Pride

Support for Pride activities.