History of Copenhagen Pride

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As early as the early 1970s, smaller pride events were held in Copenhagen. Copenhagen Pride began in 1996, when Copenhagen was the European City of Culture and home to this year’s Europride. From 1998 the festival was called Mermaid Pride and in 2004 it changed its name to Copenhagen Pride. From 1999, the pride was moved from June to August. In 2001 there was an episode where some young roots threw stones after the Pride, as it went down Nørrebrogade, it was solved with dialogue between Pride organizers, the police and the boys’ parents. In 2009, the parade grew even larger on the occasion of World Outgames with sports, culture and conference.

Copenhagen Pride Week

Pride Week is characterized by two things in particular: the parade which always takes place on Saturday, as well as more than 100 events held throughout the week, which take place from Tuesday to Sunday. During the week, debates, workshops, cultural events, sports events etc. are held. Copenhagen Pride Week takes place with Rådhuspladsen as the central place, as well as at a number of venues around Rådhuspladsen. For many years, the human rights program has been run from the Rainbow Square.

The program for the week is varied – see the programs here:

In 2021, the board of Copenhagen Pride decided on a vision to make August ‘Pride Month’, as it is known from abroad. The vision will be rolled out over the coming years, starting in 2021 with a 12-day program in connection with WolrdPride 2021, which will take place in Copenhagen.

Winter Pride

In February 2015, the first Copenhagen Winter Pride was held, and it has since become an annual tradition. The focus during Winter Pride is to get close to each other indoor, and the program offers a wide range of debates, lectures and activities that give the LGBTQIA + environment the opportunity to meet and socialize. Traditionally, the week has been rounded off with a party in Pumpehuset, but in 2020 the party was arranged for the first time by the two party concepts FAMiLiA and EURYDICE, both of which have roots in the LGBTQIA + environment. In 2021 there’ll be no afterparty due to COVID-19.


The development and history of the parade route

The first Copenhagen Pride parade took place on Saturday 29 June 1996, starting at 20 and was at the same time the pan-European Europride. It went from Frederiksberg Runddel along Frederiksberg Allé and Vesterbrogade and ended at Rådhuspladsen.

In 1997, there was no parade procession, but instead the newly formed association Mermaid Pride arranged a stationary cultural festival in Ørstedsparken.

From 1998 to 2000, the parade started at the Agricultural University of Frederiksberg, from where it went along Falkoner Allé, Frederiksberg Allé and Vesterbrogade over H. C. Andersens Boulevard and Stormgade to Christiansborg Slotsplads.

In 2001, the parade moved to Nørrebro, where on 18 August at 14 started at Borgmestervangen by Nørrebro Station and went down Nørrebrogade, over Dronning Louises Bro, along Nørre Søgade and Gyldenløvesgade, over Jarmers Plads to Rådhuspladsen. On Nørrebrogade, stones were twice thrown at the procession, but the police quickly stopped it.

In 2002, the parade went the same route as the year before.

In 2003-2005, the starting point was moved to the parking lot at Nørrebrohallen to make room for the ever more carriages in the procession, but the route was otherwise the same.

In 2006, they wanted to try something new, as the set-up at Nørrebrohallen could no longer be done due to the size of the parade, and therefore the parade started at Nordre Toldbod, went along the Esplanade, over Kongens Nytorv and ended at Rådhuspladsen.

However, the new route was a limited success, so in 2007 the pride returned to the previous route from Nørrebrohallen. The same route was used in 2008.

In 2009, World Outgames was to be held in Copenhagen, and therefore the parade was much larger than before. At the same time, work on the Red Square had begun, so there was no room for the many carriages. Therefore, the pride started instead at Frederiksberg City Hall, from where it went along Falkoner Allé and Jagtvej and from here turned onto the previous route along Nørrebrogade and ended at City Hall Square.

In 2010, the renovation of Nørreport Station had begun and caused difficulties, and compared with the good experiences from the previous year’s collaboration with Frederiksberg Municipality, this meant that they chose to completely change the route, so they instead went from Frederiksberg City Hall along Pile Allé and Vesterbrogade to Rådhuspladsen. The change of route was thus not due to unrest in Nørrebro, which Copenhagen Pride is often asked about, but that there was no longer room for the large start-up area with more and more trucks and an efficient settlement of the parade.

In 2011 they started again from Frederiksberg Town Hall and went along Allégade, Pile Allé and Vesterbrogade until Tivoli, where they turned left along Hammerichsgade, crossed Jarmers Plads and then followed Vester Voldgade to Rådhuspladsen.

The same route was used in the years 2012–2016.

In 2017, there was road work on the outer parts of Vesterbrogade, so therefore the procession from Allégade turned down Frederiksberg Allé (instead of Pile Allé), but from Sankt Thomas Plads the procession went out again on Vesterbrogade and continued on the same route as in previous years.

The new route along the wide Frederiksberg Allé became popular and was also used for the processions in 2018 and 2019.

Happy Copenhagen – WorldPride og Eurogame 2021

In 2015, the organization Happy Copenhagen was founded in a collaboration between Copenhagen Pride and PanIdræt. Happy Copenhagen was founded with the aim of bringing EuroGames and World Pride to Copenhagen in 2021 as a “mega-event” entitled Copenhagen 2021. In June 2019, the relay was handed over to Copenhagen Pride during World Pride in New York.

The event will be a combination of Pride, human rights, culture, and sports and will include both the capital area and Malmö. The project is supported by the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region.

Read more on our official page: www.copenhagen2021.com 

through time

  • 1994 Joakim Larsen
  • 1995–96 talspersoner: Alis Engberg & Michael Nord
  • 1999: Alis Engberg
  • 2000: Stine Ringvig
  • 2001: Klaus Bondam
  • 2002: Helle Cobold/John Møgelvang
  • 2003 – 2004: John Bertelsen
  • 2004 – 2006: Thomas Bilgram
  • 2007: Morten Hougaard
  • 2008: Martin Fønss Dufke
  • 2008 – 2013: Ole Santos
  • Fra 2013: Lars Henriksen

Hosts during Pride Week

Hosts of various shows during Pride Week:

  • 2007: Audrey Castañeda
  • 2008: Audrey Castañeda
  • 2009: Audrey Castañeda, Dan Rachlin, Jim Lyngvild
  • 2010: Jim Lyngvild
  • 2011: Jim Lyngvild, Julie Berthelsen
  • 2012: Jim Lyngvild, Julie Berthelsen
  • 2013: Camilla Ottesen, Raz, Michael Carøe, Bill Holmberg
  • 2014: Christian Vincent, Glamboy P (Patrick Spiegelberg), Megan Moore, Christina Bjørn
  • 2015 Winter Pride: Glamboy P (Patrick Spiegelberg), Megan Moore
  • 2015: Patrick Spiegelberg, Megan Moore, Christina Bjørn
  • 2016: Ole Henriksen
  • 2017: Sofie Linde
  • 2018: Abdel Aziz Mahmoud
  • 2019: Sara Bro
  • 2020: Online show – Veninderne, May Simon, 

Official Pride songs

The Pride song is a song that every year from 2009-2016 was selected to represent Copenhagen Pride.

  • 2009: Arnar Thor Vidarsson – “Pride”
  • 2010: Annikafiore – “Forbidden Love”
  • 2011: Hera Björk – ””Feel the Love Tonight”
  • 2012: Claus Nors feat. Julie Berthelsen – “Movin’ to the Groovin'”
  • 2013: Army of Lovers – “Crucified (2013)”
  • 2014: Lucaléy – “Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts”
  • 2015: Patrick Spiegelberg – “Dig og mig mod verden”
  • 2016: Jonas Hedquist – “Survivors”


Musicians and other performers who have performed in various shows of Copenhagen Pride:

  • 2010: Vengaboys, Patrick Spiegelberg, Ida Corr, Great Garlic Girls, AnnikaFiore, Matilde, RebeccaMaria, Katrine Brøndsted, Karen, Thomas Holm, Silas & Kat, Camille Jones, Apollo, Rune RK, Dan Rachlin
  • 2011: Laust Sonne, Rasmus Walther, Hera Björk, Electric Lady Lab, Erann DD, Joey Moe, Cecilie Fleur, Rune RK, CVlara Sofie, Morten Breum, Xander, Sarah, Nicoline Toft, Rasmus Thude, Alexander Brown, Morten Hampenberg og Yepha
  • 2012: Hera Björk, Infernal-duoen Paw & Lina, Rune RK, Jean von Baden, Rosa Lux, Alberte og Josefine Winding, George Michael Jam
  • 2013: Army of Lovers, Hera Björk, Emmelie de Forest, BLITZKIDS mvt., Le Freak, Zahra, Shila Mariposa + DJ Kelde, Unico feat. Nanamarie, Lynx & Pico feat. Glamboy P (Patrick Spiegelberg), Martin Kundsen, Kat Stephie Holst & DJ Kende, David Jay, 8Ball feat. Gustav, Michael Carøe, Juanna ft. DanyComaro, DeeJay Mikael Costa, A Friend in London
  • 2014: DJ Tonny Liljenberg, Thomas Buttenschøn, Lucaléy, Sada Vidoo, World of Girls, Garek, Mettro, Silje Svea og Lynx, Our Lady J, Basim, Zindy, Sassa, Holestar, Campari Camping, Luux, Cisilia, Hector Lopez, Sy Lee, Annella Zarina Luckcrown, Scarletta Jackson, Miss Divet, Glamboy P (Patrick Spiegelberg), Megan Moore, Pink Pistols, Hvide Løgne, Chili Goes Chili, Fjer, Amanda Wium, Freja Kirk, Tek Yon, DJ Mai Schaarup, Conchita Wurst
  • 2015 Winter Pride: Glamboy P (Patrick Spiegelberg), DJ Tonny Liljenberg, Betty Bronx, Christina Chanée, Harley Queen
  • 2015: Thomaz, Rickard Söderberg, Magnus Carlsson, Anna Book, Silje Svea & Lynx, Jonas Hedqvist, Ida Corr, Dj Dragdaddy & The C.U.N.T. Collective, Clara Sofie, Patrick Spiegelberg, Campari Camping, Thomas Madvig & Simon Witzansky, Borneland – live, Megan Moore, Steed Lord, Bronx & Ashibah, MNEK, DJ Robin Skouteris, Lighthouse X, O’HARA feat. Ramona Macho, Danny Polaris, Scarlette, Royal Feet Factory, Vinnie Who, Glitter Boys vs. Witzansky
  • 2016: Big Dipper Band, Lighthouse X, Anne Herdorf, Signe Spang Colding, Lise Haavik, Susanne Overgaard, Karina Willumsen, Opus Pokus, Jonas Rosé, Efter Festen, Erika Kulnys, Danny Polaris, Amanda Wium, David Lavi, Fallulah, Alex Palmeiri, Megan Moore, Alaska Thunderfuck, DJ Hansell, Leyva, Jonas Hedqvist, Madlick, Lux & Witzansky, Bjørnskov, Dragdaddy & The C.U.N.T, Collective, Mendoza, Kings of the Universe.
  • 2017: Big Dipper Band, Sanne Amanda Sommer, We Do Madonna, Me Jane, Sam & Sky, Kuuk, Nils Bech, Cloudbusting, Sada Vidoo, Rest in Beats, Bryan Rice, Shelly & Rotem, Royal Feet Factory, Nabiha, DJ Undress, Katya Zamolodchikova, DJ Gul, Thanks, Aliium, Ida Kudo, DJ Entree, Tinus, Disturbing Business, Aura, Anja Nissen, Oharasound & Ramona Macho, DJs Witzansky & Madvig, Malte, Dragdaddy and the C.U.N.T Collective, Peaches, DJ Robin Skouteris
  • 2018: Big Dipper Band, Me Jane, Silas Holst & The Flamingo Orchestra, Annie Heger, Sigmund, Feel Freeze, Theo X, Jeanett Albeck, Ramona Macho & Rosa Lux, Anne Linnet, DJ Wonderboy CPH, Megan Moore, Glitter Boys, DJ Gul, Lucas, Moody, Housefrau, Ivy, Iris Gold, Jonezy, Ida Corr, Kill J, L.I.G.A, Attention Whores, Mendoza, Zebra Katz, Robin Skouteris
  • 2019: Stockmann Stage, Birthe Kjær & Feel Good Band, Hvide Løgne, David Bowie Tribute, Karina Willumsen, Jonas Hedquist, Kristian Kjærlund feat Anne Rani, Lydmor, Neigh, Tina Dickow, DJ Wonderboy CPH, Vivacious, DJ Gul, Lydia, Carlos & Selma, Elba, Betty Bitschlap, DJ Nah Care, Rebecca Lou, Hoison Bascoe, Yakuza, Bronx & Ashibah, Infernal, Robin Skouter
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