Our theme for 2024: with Pride

Copenhagen Pride’s theme for 2024 is: with Pride.

Despite all the successes of our movement over the last six decades, and Copenhagen Pride’s achievements since 1996, there continue to be loud voices who want to stand in the way of true equality and inclusion for LGBTI+ people. 

And so our message is clear. Whatever you to to live your life freely, to push for change, to stand up for what is right, do it with Pride.

It’s a versatile theme that you can use in lots of different ways (and we can’t wait to see you do just that!). These are examples of how the theme can be used, they do not necessarily represent Copenhagen Pride’s view.

Have fun with Pride

Share and support community organisations with Pride!

How to use the with Pride campaign

There is no right or wrong way: just have fun with it and make sure you’re sharing an important point that’s close to your heart!

The design and graphics for with Pride are not copyright protected, and you are free to use them however you wish. (Remember, though, that the Copenhagen Pride logo is a trade mark and can only be used by us and our authorised partners.)

Click here for the design toolkit.