The Sunflower Scheme

The Sunflower Scheme

Copenhagen Pride is once again part of the Sunflower Program to support people living with hidden disabilities.

Guests, volunteers and participants at Copenhagen Pride can ask for a sunflower lanyard at several venues around Pride, and wear this to signal to others that extra time, patience or help may be needed.

For people with invisible disabilities, such as brain damage, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, autism, or Alzheimer’s it can be stressful or burdensome to be in unfamiliar surroundings with many people around you. It can be an additional barrier if you also experience having to explain your challenges in order to create understanding.

Copenhagen Pride asks all volunteers, board and staff to watch a training video and learn about the program so they know what an invisible disability is, what the Sunflower lanyard means and how best to meet a person who has chosen to wear the Sunflower. On the Pride website and app there will also be useful information for guests who want to use the Sunflower lanyard.

The Sunflower lanyard can be worn when you want to make your invisible disability visible. It is completely voluntary whether you want to wear it, and it is handed out without questions.

At Copenhagen Pride the Sunflower lanyard can be obtained from:

  • Merch stand, at the entrance, facing H.C Andersens Boulevard.
  • Volunteer tent, to the left as you enter the Community Garden

For more information on the Sunflower program, visit their website.