Venues & events at Copenhagen Pride Week 2023


A quieter and more secluded garden where you can retreat from the party, have a drink from our non-alcoholic bar, meet a wide range of LGBTI+ organizations and participate in social events. There will also be private space to change clothes if you want to do so. Find by the trees in the far end of City Hall Square.
Location: Pride Square
Step free access: Yes


The community event space where we host a range of events. Find it in the Community Garden.
Location: Community Garden
Step free access: Yes


Explore your passion for human rights at our transformative debate tent. Engage in a diverse form of events from debates and conversations to quizzes.
Location: Regnbuepladsen
Step free access: Yes, but note the cobblestone pavement.


Indulge yourself in captivating conversations and panels at our vibrant venue in the heart of the city. Enter City Hall through the main entrance on Pride Square and find the room in the left-most corner.
Location: Copenhagen City Hall
Step free access: Yes. Wheelchair users and visitors with strollers can use the entrance which you will find on the side of the Town Hall by the Hans Christian Andersen statue, known as “Duedøren” The address is H. C. Andersens Boulevard 21A. From the City Hall there are elevators to all floors.

If you need help finding your way around, you can ask the City Hall guard at both the main entrance and the back entrance.


Step into this captivating venue where diverse LGBTI+ voices take centre stage and will talk about various facets of the community. Mannaz’s office is located down the street from Regnbuepladsen. Approx. 150 m from the Debate Tent.
Location: Farvergade 2, 2nd floor
Step free access: Yes, ramp and lift.


Learn new perspectives and share knowledge on LGBTI+ issues at our workshop venue. Vartov is located just across the street from Regnbuepladsen. Go in through the gate and follow the signs.
Location: Farvergade 27, building H, 1st floor
Step free access: Yes. Note cobblestone courtyard, lift to 1st floor.


Join us at our safer space venue for talks and workshops about body, mind, sex, and sexuality. This venue is the BSP venue.
Location: Farvergade 27, building H, 1st floor
Step free access: Yes. Note cobblestone courtyard, lift to 1st floor.


Another venue for debates primarily focused on the workplace.
Location: Farvergade 27, building H, 1st floor
Step free access: Yes. Note cobblestone courtyard, lift to 1st floor.


Be part of the first PrideCon in Denmark! A place where fandom meets Pride. Join a variety of panels, workshops and social events at Huset-KBH. Huset is located 240 metres from Regnbuepladsen. In front, you’ll find Bastard Café.
Location: Rådhusstræde 13
Step free access: Yes, by asking the staff.


On 13-16 August, this intimate stage will create the framework for talks and performances at eye level with the audience. Find it on the far end of Pride Square, towards H.C. Andersens Boulevard.
Location: Pride Square
Step free access: Yes


A larger stage for concerts and performances from 12-16 August. Find it on Pride Square next to City Hall.
Location: Pride Square
Step free access: Yes


The big stage for the spectacular shows for Youth Nights, Drag Night, and the Pride Show on 17, 18, and 19 August. Located right in front of City Hall.
Location: Pride Square
Step free access: Yes


Again this year we are working together with Grand Teatret to host a number of LGBTI+ film screenings.
Location: Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8
Step free access: No


From 14-19 August, the Pride Art exhibition will be open to visitors from 12-20. The exhibition is free to enter.
Location: Nytorv
Step free access: Yes. Note that access is easiest from the back entrance, furthest from Strøget, as there are steps just in front of the main entrance.


A cosy space for families and kids, Rådhushaven will be open on 13 and 19 August with fun activities and a calm space to relax in.
Location: Rådhushaven (entry from H.C. Andersens Boulevard)
Step free access: Yes. Note that there is uneven ground, tiles, grass and pebbles.


Debates in the Debate Tent and Hovedkassen are live streamed with subtitles via Copenhagen Pride’s YouTube channel.


Photographers will be present during our events. All photographers accredited by Copenhagen Pride will wear a badge. If you do not wish to be photographed, you can get a ‘NO PHOTO’ keychain at our merch booth and volunteer tent. The merch booth is located at the entrance to Pride Square, facing H.C Andersens Boulevard. There will be no photography at KSP events.

Service dogs

Service dogs are allowed at all Copenhagen Pride events.