Get married at WorldPride 2021

with a special ceremony in Copenhagen or Malmø… Because love always wins!

This page was originally published on the Copenhagen 2021 website

Copenhagen 2021 is the world’s most significant celebration of love and equality taking place this year – and so it’s the perfect place to say ‘I do’ to your partner.

In Copenhagen, you could choose to marry at City Hall, where the world’s first same sex partnership

s took place in 1989. In Malmö, there are a number of beautiful settings across the city for you to choose from.

Whilst the eligibility rules are slightly different in Denmark and Sweden, most couples can get marr

ied during Copenhagen 2021, regardless of where you are from.

So take that big step, and have the happiest day of your lives during WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmö!


  • WorldPride weddings on Friday 20 August
  • Choose from City Hall (free of charge) or Ørstedsparken (cost approx €120)
  • Application process usually takes around one week

Find out more about WorldPride Weddings in Copenhagen


  • Weddings throughout the WorldPride event
  • Choose from a range of venues across the city
  • Application process usually takes at least two weeks

Find out more about WorldPride Weddings in Malmö

Photo: Mathias Lovgreen

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