Human Rights: Highlights

Our human rights group has once again put a tremendous amount of work into creating an exciting and diverse programme that puts the conversation at the centre and creates spaces where we can learn from each other. Here are a few highlights, the full programme can be found here.

When did drag become dangerous?

In March there was a demonstration outside Frederiksberg library because two drag queens performed for children. In the US several states have passed laws banning drag shows for children. The phenomena and the arguments quickly traverse the digital highways and have gotten a foothold in Denmark. What is this movement and what are the arguments they use against drag? Why do we, again, experience children being at the centre, and how should we counter the anti-drag and anti-trans groups? Language: Danish

Where: Debatteltet 

When: Monday 14 August, 19.00-20.00

Workshop: Online Debate and Trolls

Trolls and hate are abundant online. Sometimes we just want to escape it and sometimes we want to fight it. If you sometimes feel like the latter, but lack the tools and knowledge to do so, then you’ve come to the right place! We have invited Maia Kalhke-Lorentzen to do a workshop on this. When is the person a troll? When should you go into a debate with the other? What arguments work the best? This and much more you can learn about in this workshop. Language: Danish

Where: Vartov (Mathilde Fiber)

When: Tuesday 15 August, 15.00-16.30

Organising Pride in Hostile Places

In many parts of the world, being LGBTI+ is met with legal restrictions, discrimination, and even violence. This panel will bring together courageous activists and organisers who have defied the odds and arranged Pride events in hostile environments. They will share their experiences and insights gained from navigating legal constraints, social hostility, and potential risks to ensure that LGBTI+ individuals have a safe space to celebrate their identities and advocate for their rights. Language: English

Where: Debatteltet

When: Thursday 17 August, 19.00-20.00

Foto: Vesna Lalic


For the first time Copenhagen Pride will introduce the new concept PrideCon, which will take place in Huset-KBH on 16 and 17 August. It is a mini convention that runs from 17.00-22.00 both days and it will present panel discussions, podcasts, workshops and social events. During the two days we will explore how queer nerd-culture is and to create a space where you can be a proud, queer nerd and meet other like-minded people.

Where: Huset-KBH
When: 16 and 17 August

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