Lars Henriksen resigns as political chairperson and spokesperson for Copenhagen Pride

At a board meeting today, Lars Henriksen has announced that he will resign as political chairperson and spokesperson for Copenhagen Pride as of today. He will also resign as a member of the Board.

Chairman of Copenhagen Pride, Benjamin Hansen, says:

“For almost 15 years, Lars Henriksen has been a passionate and steadfast leader of Copenhagen Pride and has helped develop the organisation from a small volunteer team to a major organisation that organises Scandinavia’s largest Pride event every summer and Winter Pride in February. Lars has also played a key role in bringing WorldPride to Copenhagen in 2021 and was part of the team that planned and organised the event in the shadow of the Corona pandemic.

Throughout this spring, Lars has acted loyally to the organisation on behalf of the board, and on behalf of the organisation, I would like to send him a warm thank you for many years of fantastic work.”

Lars Henriksen is stepping down from the board, but will continue to be associated with the organisation, where he will use his many years of experience and contacts for the benefit of Copenhagen Pride.

“We look forward to the continued collaboration with Lars in his new role, where he will draw on his large Danish and international Pride network to help strengthen Copenhagen Pride’s relations within the LGBT+ cause,” continues Benjamin Hansen.

Lars Henriksen says: “Copenhagen Pride is bigger than me, and I have to realise that if my person is overshadowing Copenhagen Pride to any degree, it requires action. Therefore, today I have decided to resign as political leader and spokesperson. I do this because Copenhagen Pride has been close to my heart for almost 15 years and the best interests of the pride movement have been and continue to be my focus. I am proud of the development that Copenhagen Pride has undergone during the time I have been allowed to lead the organisation. At the same time, I am pleased that I can be associated in a new role so that I can continue to contribute to the development of the Pride movement. My loyalty remains with Copenhagen Pride, and I will continue to work to support the organisation and its development and integrity.”

In recent months, there has been turmoil surrounding Copenhagen Pride’s position in the public sphere. Here, Benjamin Hansen emphasises the organisation’s position:

“We must now very clearly emphasise that our focus is to bring visibility to the LGBT+ cause and create a platform for LGBT+ voices and artists who don’t normally have a voice, and through strong partnerships improve the everyday lives of LGBT+ people in the workplace.”

For further information, please contact Amalie Søndergaard from HAVE Kommunikation at 28588150 or [email protected].

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