Statement regarding partnerships

There have been stories in the press that have tried to cast doubt on Copenhagen Pride’s collaboration with named partners. We must emphasise that we trust all our partners and their sincere commitment to our cause.

Copenhagen Pride is always receptive to points of view, and we are constantly working to promote LGBTI+ rights at home and globally through every channel we can. Copenhagen Pride is a pragmatic organisation that bases our work on ethical principles, which we promote through our partnerships.

All our partnerships are built on mutual trust and open dialogue. Both parties can ask questions and raise concerns, and we respond honestly and sincerely. This is the foundation of our collaboration. We work well and openly with all our partners to promote LGBTI+ rights. And we are happy about that.

After every Copenhagen Pride Week, we evaluate the collaboration with all our partners and talk about how it has worked for both parties. In these conversations with our partners, all reactions to the partnership will naturally also be discussed, so that we have the best starting point for our future collaboration. Partnerships are dynamic and we continuously develop them over time, so that both parties get to know each other and strengthen each other in their efforts to promote LGBTI+ rights.

The advancement of the LGBTI+ cause has always been based on dynamic alliances with people and organisations outside the community. Copenhagen Pride’s partners are important and good allies, and we are grateful to them for supporting our work for a world where everyone can live freely and safely.

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