Volunteer role: Copenhagen Pride are looking for a head of show

Note: This role starts on 1 October 2022.

After WorldPride, Copenhagen Pride, together with volunteers and employees, will build on the experiences and visions that were launched in 2021 and in the years before that. We are looking for a head of show who can contribute to ambitious and inclusive shows, so that Copenhagen Pride will continue to be strong in the future as responsible show producers with participants, collaborators, and in the general public.

Copenhagen Pride’s secretariat is located in the heart of Copenhagen, just around the corner from City Hall Square, and you will of course be able to use ot. Here, you will work with your volunteer show group, as well as the board and secretariat, to develop, book, and execute ambitious shows. Copenhagen Pride is a social and open organization that can also provide professional challenges and new skills. As the head of show, you and the area group will handle the work independently with sparring and support from Copenhagen Pride’s secretariat, based on the framework set by the board.

The tasks in the field will be:

  • Show booking and production
  • Collaboration with Copenhagen Pride’s production, set design and other teams
  • Riders in collaboration with head of hospitality
  • Admission/tickets
  • Coordination of over-night stays for artists, etc. in collaboration with head of hospitality
  • Coordinate deadlines in relation to wishes for technical setup, ect.
  • Developing new ideas and concepts
  • Planning Pride Week afterparty
  • Planning Winter Pride Week afterparty
  • Other shows/events such as Gaystortion or the like.

As an area manager at Copenhagen Pride, you have:

  • Budget responsibility within your group
  • An obligation to report to the board in relation to the group’s work
  • Freedom to make subcommittees within your group
  • Responsibility for involving volunteers in the group
  • Responsibility for informing volunteers about the activities of the other groups and decisions taken within the board relevant to the group
  • Responsibility for volunteers feeling part of Copenhagen Pride as a whole and the shared vision
  • Responsibility for involving the ideas/opinions of volunteers and passing relevant points on to the board

As a professional manager, you must:

  • Participate in meetings with the secretariat/executive committee/board
  • Ensure that the approved budget is respected and inform the board on an ongoing basis of this
  • Submit budget requests to executive committee/board for the coming year

Your qualifications:

  • You have relevant background and preferably experience from show production.
  • You have the knowledge and/or desire to work with volunteers and thrive on working with many different people.
  • You are happy to get experience with budgets at project level and preferably knowledge of reporting.
  • You are familiar with one or more of Copenhagen Pride’s target groups and can translate them into inclusion strategies and ambitions for show production.

Application deadline and application procedure

If you are interested in the position, you can read more about us at www.copenhagenpride.dk and contact us before 18 September with a brief description of who you are, your motivation for applying for the job and your merits/resume. Send the documents to [email protected], and if you have any questions, feel free to contact organizational chairperson, Benjamin Hansen at [email protected] or +45 42414011.

Since we are mainly a volunteer organization, evening meetings and weekend work is to be expected.  You should also expect that the workload will increase close to the execution of Copenhagen Pride Week every August.

Copenhagen Pride works to create the greatest possible space for diversity. Therefore, all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply – regardless of ethnic background, gender, gender identity, gender characteristics, sexual orientation, mental and physical capacity, religion, or age.

We look forward to reading your application.

About Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride organizes activities and events for and including the LGBTQIA+ community, and actively participates in contexts that can help create visibility, understanding, and concrete results.  Copenhagen Pride’s vision is to create a world where everyone can love and live – freely and in safety.

Copenhagen Pride is a listening, norm-critical organisation with inclusion as its core value. In these values there is a clear expectation that those who choose to participate in Copenhagen Pride’s activities celebrate the right to diversity, help create inclusiveness and support an inclusion agenda. We are politically engaged and actively involved in shaping both attitudes and debate in society. Copenhagen Pride’s flagship is the annual Copenhagen Pride Week in August, which is a diverse human rights festival with safe spaces and frameworks where people can express themselves freely and where we celebrate the LGBTQIA+ environment and parties on a serious basis. Copenhagen Pride is party politically independent.

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