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Volunteer Role Profile: Head of Production

Copenhagen Pride is Denmark’s biggest, most colourful and most diverse human rights manifestation and for more than 25 years has brought the campaign for equality and diversity to the streets of Copenhagen. 

After more than a decade with us, our Head of Production is taking a well-earned retirement and so we are beginning the process to recruit his successor. This is a hugely important role – responsible for a quarter of our annual budget and our biggest concert events – that requires a great deal of coordination, project management and problem-solving skills. However, seeing tens of thousands of people celebrating human rights on Pride Square gives an enormous satisfaction.

We expect the new Head of Production to take an Assistant role in 2023, shadowing the outgoing Head of Production, before taking over from September 2023 in planning for Pride in 2024.

Core responsibilities

  • In coordination and consultation with other Area Managers, design and plan the technical production infrastructure required at Pride Square / Rådhuspladsen for Pride week; responsibility is for all stage, front of house and backstage areas (not other elements in Pride Square such as bars and food vendors)
  • Work with the Treasurer, Organisational Chairperson and Head of Secretariat to negotiate the annual budget for the Production area and, throughout the year, ensure adherence to the budget
  • Liaise with staff in Secretariat to ensure relevant contracts and suppliers are in place and all necessary permissions are sought from the municipality
  • Work with the Heads of the Show, Culture, Youth, Hospitality and Bars to ensure that all necessary facilities are planned and implemented backstage 
  • Provide regular reports as requested to the Board and Secretariat on progress towards each Pride event
  • Be our go-to Production expert to help our team problem solve and find creative ways to deliver elements of our events at Rådhuspladsen and surroundings (including Rainbow Square and Nytorv)
  • Be an active member of our Fagansvarlig group, attending and contributing to meetings throughout the year

To fulfil the requirements of the Head of Production we anticipate you could expect to commit 4-6 hours per week throughout the year, with significantly more hours from April to August. 

During Pride week in August we will need you to contribute more hours when our event is live. You may find that you wish to take time off from your full-time employment, for which a budget is available and remuneration can be paid.

Your skills and experience

We see this as a role that you will develop and grow into, and the period spent shadowing the existing Head of Production will be vital in your onboarding. Our ideal candidate will have most, if not all, of the attributes listed below.

  • Experience of production management in live show and / or major public events
  • Technical expertise as it relates to stage production, sound and light, build-up and breakdown, power and electrics, etc.
  • Some experience of managing complex build and break downs, including liaising with several suppliers working simultaneously
  • Some experience of major public events, including those in public spaces and over several consecutive days
  • Understanding and awareness of different people’s needs and learning styles, and the ability to adapt your communication style for different groups
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure and to be assertive where necessary, including when denying a request or delivering bad news
  • Solutions-focused when faced with a challenge and able to work collaboratively to resolve issues
  • Computer literacy, especially with Gmail and Google Suite applications, is essential
  • Basic understanding of project management and methods of recording tasks and progress
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment and ability to stay calm and to bring calm to difficult situations
  • Experience of working in a team and ability to take a collaborative approach
  • Strong commitment to LGBTI+ equality, human rights and inclusion
  • Fluency in Danish and English; proficiency in other languages is a bonus

Apply to be our Head of Production

We expect the new Head of Production to take an Assistant role in 2023, shadowing the outgoing Head of Production, before taking over from September 2023 in planning for Pride in 2024. You will need to be happy to work with our existing Head of Production to learn from him and his experience.

To apply, please send an email with your resume and relevant experience and a cover letter to Benjamin Hansen at [email protected]


Photo: Olav Holten

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