Copenhagen Pride’s statement on the situation in Palestine

Please also read this statement from 7 March for further context.

Everyone at Copenhagen Pride – including our volunteers, board and staff members – has been appalled by the humanitarian catastrophe that has unfolded in Gaza in the last five months. We have spoken before of the need for an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages on both sides, when we said:

“The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza affects everyone and affects the entire world. Although the International Court of Justice has declined to demand that Israel suspend its attacks on Gaza, clear concern has been expressed about the situation and we must maintain the international pressure.

The world must not watch passively when such terrible events take place. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, including the Palestinians in Denmark, and also demand an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages on both sides.”

We take very seriously our responsibilities to our community and to uphold a high ethical standard in relation to organisations and businesses with whom we partner. Partnerships by their very nature are about ongoing dialogue and negotiation, learning and developing together. When we enter into a partnership, we mutually commit to work together to increase conditions for LGBTI+ people on many levels, including asking questions and raising our concerns about business activities in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  That applies to partnerships shown on our website that were agreed before Pride in August 2023 as well as potential future partnerships for 2024, which are not yet published on our website. 

Copenhagen Pride, and in particular Winter Pride next week, is the biggest opportunity we have in Denmark to raise issues facing the global LGBTI+ community and to create awareness and understanding. 

Finally, we hope to see our community come together for Winter Pride to have conversations, discussions, and raise their concerns on important topics like this. We want to learn, and we want to learn with our community.

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