Culture Highlights

By Simone Lindvall (she/her)

The theme for this year’s Copenhagen Pride Week is COME TOGETHER, and this is reflected in the culture event programme, which features several performances where artists have come together to create something special for the audience. There will also be events that you yourself help create – for example a sing-along which will bring everyone at Pride Square together in beautiful unity. In addition, you can look forward to:

Anshita Koul

From India to Berlin and all the way to Denmark: Software engineer and now stand-up comedian Anshita Koul (she/they) is coming to Copenhagen Pride Week! She is the co-creator of Clit Comedy Club and co-founder of the Festrogen Comedy Festival in Luxembourg. She is currently touring with her first solo show in English, “Little Too Much”, which you can look forward to being entertained by on Monday 14 August at 19.30. It takes place on The Corner.

Kærlig Hilsen Hadet

If you haven’t yet seen author and playwright Tomas Lagermand Lundme’s harsh story about being beaten down and getting back up, now’s your chance. With Johannes Nymark in the role of the central character in the monologue, which is based on Lundme’s own experiences with assault, rape, and betrayal, we set the stage at Pride Square’s The Corner on Tuesday 15 August at 15.15. The performance will be followed by a dialogue between Johannes Nymark, Tomas Lagermand Lundme, and director Christoffer Berdal. Please note that the monologue as well as the dialogue is in Danish.







Photo: Therese Maria Gram

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

It began off-off-Broadway in New York in 1974 but critics and audiences received the troupe with such enthusiasm that they quickly became a world-class company touring all over the globe. ‘The Trocks’, as the company is lovingly called, is unlike any other ballet company: it consists of men who perform in drag, and they comically exhibit the self-importance of classical ballet all while maintaining impeccable skill. You can get a taste of their show on Tuesday 15 August at 17.15 on the Pride Week Stage.








Photo: Zoran Jelenic

Photo: Camera Films

The blue caftan

Maryam Touzani and Nabil Ayouch’s gentle queer drama from 2022 is critically acclaimed and there’s a reason for that: the film sensitively portrays the relationship between caftan maker Halim and his dying wife Mina, who will soon have to deal with the budding love between Halim and his young apprentice Youssef. The Blue Caftan will be screened at Grand Teatret on Wednesday 16 August at 21.00. Don’t forget to buy a ticket! Please note that the film is in Arabic with Danish subtitles.


Kedde (he/him) offers personal and heartfelt lyrics that go straight to the heart. Albert Bendix, Head of Culture at Copenhagen Pride, can attest to this: He shed a tear during the very first song at Kedde’s headlining concert at Rust in May, and he decided then and there that Kedde should be part of the culture event programme for this year’s Copenhagen Pride Week. Fortunately, Kedde agreed.









Photo: Camilla Trine


The theme for this year’s Copenhagen Pride Week is COME TOGETHER. What does that mean to you?

First of all, I think it’s a really beautiful theme because it embraces everyone, no matter who you are. Pride is something that we carry within each of us but more so it’s something that is created as a group. When I think of ‘come together’, I mostly think of the power of community. 

What are your experiences with coming together with someone?

I almost always come together with others when I make music. I love working with people who can do something I can’t do myself. There’s great freedom in recognising that you can’t do everything on your own and therefore reaching out to your friends and network. I believe that’s how you get the best results.

What impact has it had on your music?

It has meant that the music I make is being processed by more people whom I trust. That’s a great thing because I want my music to appeal to a wide range of people and not just make sense to me. 


Come Together with Kedde on Sunday 13 August at 21.00 on the Pride Week Stage.

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