Editorial: Welcome to the inclusion edition!

Photo by Solbjørgh Hansen

For the fifth time, we have the pleasure of welcoming you to HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride magazine. We have moved through a winter of isolation and distance, into a spring filled with uncertainty, finally to arrive in the summertime and the Pride season with renewed hope for the future. This summer also marks a year since the publication of the very first edition of HeartCore. With every edition since then, we have made mistakes, learned from them, gained new insights, and made many friends. As HeartCore continues to grow, we want to keep on making the best magazine we can by providing a platform that includes and uplifts as many voices in the LGBTI+ community as possible.

This August is also the time when the historic LGBTI+ event Copenhagen 2021 finally arrives! After much uncertainty, and infinite amounts of hard work by staff and volunteers alike, we are now at the precipice of this historic moment where WorldPride and EuroGames are brought together in Copenhagen and Malmö. It is with no small amount of pride that we present a selection of all the intriguing events you can experience in both cities from 12-22 August. We cannot wait to see the rainbow flags fly high when we send the message around the world that #YouAreIncluded!

The theme of this edition is also INCLUSION. You can read a wide range of stories and investigations that all center on the experience of belonging – or a lack thereof. There is a look into LGBTI+ representation in video games, a story of transgender inclusion in rugby, a personal essay about claiming your space in the world while being fat and queer, and a conversation between six bisexual people about feeling like part of the community.

As always, this editorial also provides the chance to acknowledge that HeartCore would not be what it is today without the volunteer writers, translators, copy editors, photographers, graphic artists and administrative staff who dedicate their spare time to work on the magazine. As we continue to grow and develop, we hope that our readers will recognize the tremendous amount of passion and hard work that is poured into the pages. Producing Denmark’s only printed LGBTI+ magazine is not always easy, but it is a worthwhile effort when we do it together. Interested in joining us? Do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] and hear more about how you can contribute.

Finally, from all of us at HeartCore – HAPPY PRIDE!

  • The HeartCore Editorial Staff


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