Food Traders & Volunteer Catering

Food Traders & Volunteer Catering

Photo: Arturo Rey via Unsplash

During Copenhagen Pride in August, tens of thousands of people visit Pride Square / Rådhuspladsen in the centre of the city. Hundreds of volunteers support our work by looking after our visitors. Together, our guests and volunteers have a lot of hungry mouths and need high quality food options.

In a change to our practices in recent years, we are now inviting food traders to submit an expression of interest if they would like to be present in Pride Square in 2023. 

Pride Square Food Traders

  • Traders will encouraged to be open when Pride Square is open but as a minimum will be open and accepting orders from 1600-2200 each day between Saturday 12 and Saturday 19 August inclusive
  • Subject to negotiation, the trader can operate from a container, trailer or tent
  • The food offered must be high quality, using quality ingredients from sustainable suppliers; where applicable there will be options for people who follow a vegan, vegetarian and/or gluten free diet
  • One space will be allocated to a vendor of coffee, tea and hot chocolate and the offer may be accompanied by pastries / cakes. This vendor may not sell cold drinks.
  • Only Copenhagen Pride bars are permitted to sell drinks. Food traders may not sell any drinks nor include drinks in ‘meal deals’ or similar
  • The trader must offer one main dish for less than 80kr
  • The menu will be provided to Copenhagen Pride before the end of June 2023 for approval
  • Traders must use wooden / bamboo / sustainable materials, and not serve any products in plastic
  • Traders agree to provide Copenhagen Pride officials (approx 50 people) with a 20% discount
  • Traders must accept payment by cash and card, and ideally also by MobilePay
  • The trader is wholly responsible for their own insurance and public liability

Copenhagen Pride:

  • Provides the agreed space, electricity, water supply, allocated space for trash, and specified toilet for food traders
  • Promotes the trader in the Copenhagen Pride app, on its website and social media
  • Creates space for visitors to eat and enjoy the offer in Pride Square, including live entertainment

We act with honesty and integrity and we expect our traders to do the same. The fee payable for all food trading spaces is 12.5% of turnover.

Pride Square Volunteer Catering

  • Each day we will provide a hot, nutritious meal for our volunteers, served between 1700-1900 in our private volunteer area at Rådhuspladsen
  • Volunteers will eat in two sittings, 1700-1800 and 1800-1900, and food must be hot and fresh for both sittings
  • We will generally know the number who need a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diet but there will need to be some flexibility
  • Numbers will vary from 30 meals on quiet days to 200 meals on the busiest day
    • Saturday 12 August – 130
    • Sunday 13 August – 118
    • Monday 14 August – 93
    • Tuesday 15 August – 108
    • Wednesday 16 August – 97
    • Thursday 17 August -116
    • Friday 18 August – 131 
    • Saturday 19 August -223
  • It is an advantage, thought not a must, if the caterer is able to supply food for the working crew in the build up days (9-11 August).
  • The caterer will provide wooden / bamboo / sustainable materials and not use any plastic for serving. 
  • The proposed menu should be provided to Copenhagen Pride by mid-June for approval.

Express your interest

If you are interested either in taking a trading space or providing volunteer catering – or both – please send an email detailing:

  • CVR number, name, address, phone, email
  • Your business history
  • Sample menus and prices
  • Photos of your stall at other events and festivals
  • Technical requirements
  • Space requirements
  • Any other information 

Please send this information by email to Steve Taylor, Head of Secretariat, no later than Friday 31 March 2023. 

Meetings with potential vendors and suppliers will take place in April and contracts offered in early May.