Get ready for Copenhagen Winter Pride Week 2022!

Many associate Pride with the sunlight and warmth of summer, but that is only halfway true: on 21-26 February, Huset-KBH provides the setting for Copenhagen Winter Pride Week, which for the eighth time lets you get warm and cozy with an exciting and versatile program.

The core of Winter Pride Week is closeness, and this year’s theme of ‘Sustainability’ runs like a common thread through talks, debates and appearances to make us wiser about ourselves and each other. Copenhagen Pride’s human rights group is behind the human rights part of the program with events such as Mental health in the community, Meet the aromantic spectrum and A sustainable life as a transgender person. There will also be social events, such as when AURA invites you to an early Fastelavn celebration, or you can experience the queer-feminist band Sensitive Front.

“The last few months, we have worked hard to create a broad program that we are really looking forward to showing you all. The purpose of this event is to create community and energy in the cold, dark months, so we would like to invite everyone to take part in Winter Pride in the way that best suits them. Whether you are at one event or all of them, physically or online, Winter Pride is for you!” says Jax Jakshøj, Head of Human Rights for Copenhagen Pride.

Copenhagen Pride’s culture group has also put a huge amount of work into a completely new concept: Pride Night Live! Head of Culture Albert Bendix says, “We are so excited to invite a live audience inside to a show that is also broadcast live online – filled with different guests mixed with performances by musicians, drags, playwrights, and various other artists. You can look forward to an hour and a half of entertainment at 20:30-22:00 in Copenhagen Winter Pride Week!” Tickets for the live show are available on and Pride Night Lives is also streamed on Copenhagen Pride’s website.  

So, get cozy and join us when Copenhagen Pride and Huset-KBH invite you to five days of human rights, culture, and a focus on togetherness!

Copenhagen Winter Pride Week 2022 takes place on 21-26 February in Huset-KBH Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Copenhagen. The full program can be found on issuu and in Copenhagen Pride’s official magazine HeartCore, which is available free of charge online and at LGBTI+ establishments in Copenhagen and of course at Huset-KBH.

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