Faun & Luna are proud Product Partners of Copenhagen Pride

‘Marley’s first day of school’

With a beautiful product created specifically for Copenhagen Pride, Faun & Luna, a start-up that specializes in art for children, has joined the ranks of Product Partners with the artwork ‘Marley’s first day of school’. The work is particularly dedicated to rainbow children and their parents.

‘Marley’s first day of school’ is a fine art Giclée print that focuses on love, inclusion, and the beauty of being part of a rainbow family. Each art print is numbered and signed by artist Caterina Pantani and has an accompanying adventure about Marley and the different children and families he meets on his first day of school.

Faun & Luna - Maleteknik - 1

Faun & Luna

Faun & Luna was created from the idea and aspiration that the magical universe of art should be accessible from childhood.

“We realized that by bridging the gap between children and artwork with a small adventure explaining the meaning behind the work, we can put our dream and vision into practice. It was the start of us writing small adventures for each illustration,” explains co-founder Amalie Born.

It did not take long for the adventures of amazing animals, moons, and plants to evolve, as the three founders of Faun & Luna became aware of the ability of the artwork to communicate and create dialogue around important and sometimes difficult topics.

Amalie adds, “We quickly realized that each piece could convey more than just a story, but actually also a message and a moral that children can understand and relate to. Therefore, several of our fairy tales touch on and normalize topics such as homesickness and the fact that you can play with others even if they are different from yourself.”

Faun & Luna - Om os

The journey to Copenhagen Pride

Faun & Luna’s involvement in Copenhagen Pride began to take shape during Copenhagen 2021 – WorldPride and EuroGames, when acquaintances of the three founders addressed a need. “A good friend suggested that we try to develop a work of art that addressed rainbow children and their families. She explained how she herself was looking for stories that her own children could relate to,” explains co-founder Louisa Channouf.

At Faun & Luna, they immediately embarked creating the artwork, which was developed with a desire to resonance with rainbow children.

The third co-founder and Faun & Luna’s own artist, Caterina Pantani, adds: “We wanted to create a focus on love and that love can come in all shapes and sizes. It’s the act of love that counts. Who packs your lunch? Who sings your bedtime lullaby? For us, it’s the essence of love and exactly what we want to illustrate with ‘Marley’.  We therefore hope that as many children as possible can relate to and recognize themselves and their family in the work.”

Faun & Luna currently consists of the three founders, but the company has great ambitions for future growth. With these ambitions comes several works of art that convey important and meaningful topics for children. “As we grow, we want to share more of the wonders of art, important morals and the magic of reading aloud.  And as Faun & Luna grows, we strive to preserve the values that have brought us to where we are today. “

Celebrating diversity

At Copenhagen Pride, we are so happy to be collaborating with a company that helps make rainbow families so visible. As an organization, we also have a wish to help rainbow families find networks and others to mirror themselves in.

“With ‘Marley’s first day of school’, Faun & Luna allows all children to engage in a dialogue around families looking all different ways, in a tone and a pace that is on the child’s own terms,” says organizational vice-chair Caroline Thøgersen, who has her own rainbow family. “We are really pleased to have entered into a collaboration that puts diversity in focus – as a Pride organization, we have in-depth knowledge of the importance of seeing one’s own experience reflected, and especially for children it can make a huge difference.”

“Opening up the family as a concept creates space for all people to have an opportunity to recognize themselves and your family. When we see diversity depicted in art and literature, it creates space for conversation and understanding,” continues Caroline Thøgersen. “Children have an enviably positive straightforward and innocent approach to life from which we can learn a lot. “

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