Decades come and decades go…

By Mariya Alfa Staugaard, Editor-in-Chief
Photo by Joanna Arteaga

Welcome to the eighth edition of HeartCore! As we slowly approach the cusp of our 10th issue, it seems only fitting that our theme for this edition is DECADES. Previously, we have looked back (FIRSTS, February 2021) and forward (FUTURE, May 2021), but this time around we are doing both at the same time.

When the editorial staff first got together to discuss ideas for this issue, conversations spanned from the dawn of time till the future of humankind, but much of it came back to how we see ourselves reflected and constructed throughout time – both as individuals and as a community.

It can prompt the question: where were you ten years ago, and where will you be ten years from now? Particularly when gazing ahead, the issue becomes more poignant. When faced with injustice, how did you respond? I know how I want to answer that question

Reflections on time often highlight how much things change, as well as how much they stay the same. It is my hope that this magazine will be around for years to come, whilst continually growing, expanding, and proving a space for us to learn together. Do you want to be a part of that? Reach out to us at [email protected] and join the journey.

On behalf of the HeartCore editorial staff

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