Five Qs for the chairperson

A whole new Pride Lars Henriksen has been chairperson of Copenhagen Pride since 2013. Here, he discusses what the new circumstances will mean for Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 and what has been learned during the planning process. What can we expect from Copenhagen Pride Week this year? First and foremost: that it will be different

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Copenhagen Pride publishes new magazine: HeartCore

Copenhagen Pride’s new magazine has the name HeartCore – The Official Copenhagen Pride Magazine. The first edition of the magazine will be published on August 1 and every three months after that: 4 times a year. This edition of HeartCore is 88 and the content of the printed version is in English, but a complete

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Copenhagen Pride goes online and develops new virtual universe

In record time, Copenhagen Pride has worked innovatively and with a vision to develop a format for Pride Week that lives up to the current government guidelines regarding corona virus. “This means that all debates can be viewed from home, that we’ll be turning the parade digital and bringing the evening show in a television

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H.K.H Kronprinsessen taler ved Copenhagen Pride Week show 2020

10.7.2020 HKH Kronprinsessen holder tale ved Danmarks største årligt tilbagevendende menneskerettigheds-begivenhed: Copenhagen Pride Week. Det er med stor glæde, at Copenhagen Pride kan meddele, at Kronprinsesse Mary har takket ja til at være en af hovedtalerne under Copenhagen Pride Week. ”Kronprinsessen har ved flere lejligheder vist sin opbakning til LGBTI+ miljøet og talt for lige

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Copenhagen Pride gather all of Denmark in new digital parade

»The perhaps most iconic element of Copenhagen Pride is the parade. It’s a day we look forward to each year. We can’t be without it, and we won’t have to be this year,« says chairperson Lars Henriksen. »The parade will be in a new format, but with the same important demonstration for basic human rights

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H.R.H Crown Princess Mary becomes protector of Copenhagen 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Denmark becomes Patron of Copenhagen 2021, celebrating WorldPride & EuroGames simultaneously in Copenhagen and Malmö in August 2021. With the patronage, the Crown Princess takes on the task of sharing the message that in 2021, Copenhagen will host the largest international human rights event of that

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Digital Copenhagen Pride Parade 2020

We have been looking forward to lifting the veil: we will be creating Copenhagen Pride week in a virtual space. Through our website, you enter a virtual version of City Hall Square. Follow our debates, events and activities as if you were physically present. Copenhagen Pride is working on full power over the summer, together

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LGBT Plus 30 donates to Copenhagen Pride’s solidarity fund

Our LGBTQIA+ community truly shines when we show support for one another. This was certainly the case on the 7th of March, when members of the Facebook group LGBT Plus 30????️‍???? threw a Grand Prix party at Kafé Knud and used to occasion to collect money for a good cause. The group then chose to

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Message from Copenhagen Pride regarding Pride 2020

“To all of you, who have worked hard planning festivals, markets and other big events this summer: Unfortunately, I have a very important announcement: Large assemblies until and including August will be banned” – Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen Naturally, Copenhagen Pride is sad to hear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksens announcement, even though we fully support the

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