Poem: Tom Cassidy

Illustration by Henrijette Nielsen

Poem by Dan Dudkowsk

“Maybe heaven is one big gay bar”

And we’re all laughing

After we’ve reached our limits;


Can only do so much damage


Can only get you this high.

I’m pouring myself another drink

Pouring him, and her, and them

And then, I make a toast

“For us” I say. “And for the ones that have yet to join us”

“May we all rest in peace,

If that’s what we deserve”

“Amen.” We sound,

‘Cause I am them. And they are me.

And, if heaven’s one big gay bar,

I guess I’m no longer afraid to live.

About Tom Cassidy

Tom Cassidy was a CNN business anchor and a renowned journalist, who for most of his life kept his “private life” hidden from the public. After being diagnosed with AIDS, Cassidy made the decision to come out publicly by opening up in a three-part interview during the evening news. Cassidy’s action helped to put a real, human face on this disease. Cassidy has since then, unfortunately, been more or less lost in our history. To his friends and acquaintances, he was known as a generous donor, a brave man, and a real hero for the LGBTI+ community.

Learn more about Tom Cassidy on: Making Gay History Podcast: Season 2, Episode 11, which can be found on: www.thinkqueerly.com

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