Collectible Copenhagen 2021 Cups (5 assorted)

Currently only sold as a set of 5 assorted cups.

Capacity: 40 cl
Material: recyclable plastic

100,00 kr.

in stock

Collectible Copenhagen 2021 Cups (5 assorted)



By popular demand, we now have our Copenhagen 2021 recyclable cups for sale! Produced and used for our mega event in the summer of 2021, you might have come across them in our bars or even have some already laying at home. Now it’s your chance to complete your collection and have the entire set whilst supporting a good cause! As it was produced for WorldPride 2021, these cups are no longer being manufactured, making them truly a collectible’s item.

Extremely light, unbreakable and informative, the cups are perfect for a picnic, a night’s out or even to brush up on your LGBTI+ knowledge. Fitting to the cup’s theme (e.g. bisexual or progress flag), there is a little description and even QR code for more information!

These cups were produced with the environment in mind. Rather than using disposable cups during our event, we opted for recyclable cups that were washed and reused, hence minimizing our environmental impact. This also means that some of the cups in the set may have been used (but of course cleaned!). Like we said, they are truly a collectible item!

Additional information

Weight ,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 17 cm
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