ORLO + Copenhagen 2021 limited edition watch

The official Copenhagen 2021 watch is designed as a token for you to wear that shows your celebration of equality, art and human rights. Not only does the watch look good, but it also reflects the Pride message. This is your chance to show (and give) your support to the LGBTI+ community and help pave the way for an equal and inclusive world.

The Copenhagen 2021 watch will be delivered to you in an exclusive gift box, which not only contains the only official watch made specifically for Copenhagen 2021,you will also receive two free watch straps so that you can tailor your look to suit your mood and for every occasion. Two of the three straps in the gift box are NATO straps made of recycled plastic from the oceans, so you can have a clear conscience while looking good.

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ORLO + Copenhagen 2021 limited edition watch



ORLO strives to create iconic, accessible watches to suit individual styling. Their brand builds its foundation on being inclusive, stylish, progressive and philanthropic, while proving that quality watches can also be available. They call it “feel-good-style.”

You can get your hands on one (or more) of the 2021 official limited edition Copenhagen 2021 watches and believe us, there are many advantages to the watch. By securing this watch, you will not only show your pride and support for the LGBTI+ community, you will also help the fight to reduce plastic in our oceans, and as an added bonus, the total profit from the sale of the watches goes directly to the fight for human rights.

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Dimensions 25 × 18 × 4 cm
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