Call for Copenhagen Pride ordinary General Assemby 2022

The general meeting will be held at the offices of Copenhagen Pride, Farvergade 2, st. in Copenhagen on Monday 7 November 2022 at 19.00 with the following agenda: 

  1. Election of moderator
  2. Election of reporter
  3. Election of vote counters
  4. The board’s presentation about the doings of the association in the past year 
  5. The revised accounts are presented
  6. The report of the organizational supervisor is presented
  7. The budget is presented
  8. Submitted proposals
  9. Determination of membership fee
  10. Election of organizational chairperson (elected for a 2 year period). Benjamin Hansen is up for election
    Election of board and alternates (3 board members must be elected)
    Up for election as board members are: Lars Østergreen, Caroline Thøgersen, and Brian Allesøe. Up for election as an alternate is Fombu Asaha
    Election of auditor, internal auditor, and auditor alternate. The election of auditor alternate is void if a professional auditor is elected
  11. Any other business

The final agenda, as well as any submitted proposals, will be posted on the association’s website no later than 7 days prior to the general meeting. 

Proposals for the meeting or candidacies for the board must be with organizational chairperson Benjamin Hansen (or submitted via letter): [email protected] no later than 28 October 2022. 

On behalf of the board,

Steve Taylor

Head of Secretariat

Photo: Rikke Høyen

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