Culture at Copenhagen Pride Week 2023

Pride Night Live is back!

As is tradition, you are invited to get warm and comfy with Pride Night Live during Copenhagen Winter Pride Week. Whether you decide to join the show in our studio at Huset-KBH, or you are watching online at home, you can still count on the solid mix of entertainment and reflection that characterizes PNL. To name a few, you will have musical performances by BASIT, Sander Sanchez, Asbjørn, O/RIOH, Kristoffer Eriknauer, nmtsk, and UBLU to look forward to, as well as drag in various forms. In between the many performances, you can experience exciting and enlightening interviews, for example about being queer with a different background than most people in Denmark or about the tumultuous EuroPride held in Belgrade in September last year, which left the Copenhagen Pride delegates equally hopeful and frustrated. On Thursday February 23rd, the Copenhagen Pride Youth Team is in charge of the programming, so you can start getting excited alright!

We, the Copenhagen Pride Culture Group, are proud to present the Pride Night Live hosts of 2023:

Robin Mae Andersen (she/her)

Robin has a Danish background but is currently living in Berlin, and we have been lucky enough to lure her home to host PNL once again. She used to be Co-Head of the Copenhagen Pride Youth Team, and she works to improve LGBTI+ rights through her IG platform.

Photo by Sangría Valentino

Elijah Kashmir Ali (they/them)

Elijah is a non conforming gender bender based in Copenhagen. They have a Palestinian background and uses their platform and voice – quite literally – as a performing artist and activist. We are looking very forward to Elijah’s debut as PNL host.



Queer Movie Night

Queer Movie Night is focusing on different LGBTI+ experiences portrayed in various films. At Winter Pride Week this year, we’re showing the documentary How to Tell a Secret (2022), which depicts the stigma that still surrounds HIV-positive people even to this day. Furthermore, we will present our Surprise Feature Film which will be revealed in Copenhagen Pride’s app mid January. Whether you have a personal relationship with the issues that the films at Queer Movie Night deal with, or you’re coming to learn more, or to be a better ally, or simply just there for the experience, you are all invited to join us in the dark.

More information

Pride Night Live

What: Live studio with hosts and guests in combination with a stage for live performances, for example music, theater, cultural features, and more. The show takes place in front of a live audience and is live-streamed at the same time. Note that the audiences sitting in certain seats will be filmed during the show.
When: Monday 2/21, Tuesday 2/21, Thursday 2/23, and Friday 2/24 at 21.00-22.00 (live audience must arrive at 20.30).
Where: Xenon, Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København K.
Accessibility: Level free access.
Tickets: Available at Billetto. Price: 25 DKK (1 beer or bottle of water included).


Queer Movie Night

What: LGBTI+ film screenings in Husets Biograf. Queer Movie Night films can range from intimate narratives to grand dramas but they all have one thing in common: they have been selected because they have something to say or they have had a special impact on the LGBTI+ community.
When: Wednesday, February 22nd at 19.00-23.00.
Where: Husets Biograf, Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København K.
Accessibility: Level free access.
Tickets: Available at Billetto. FREE.


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