By Mariya Alfa Staugaard, Editor in Chief
Photo by Daniele Colucci via Unsplash

Dear reader,

Thank you for picking up the first edition of HeartCore in 2023. We have been excited to show you what we have been working on this time around!

The theme for this edition is QueerPlus, which is also the theme for Copenhagen Winter Pride Week 2023. The idea behind the theme is to put intersectionality front and center and investigate the experiences that shape the vastly different lives of LGBTI+ people.

As minorities, we know that being part of a community is something that binds us together. This is often emphasized, as it should be, when we talk about unity, solidarity, and community. However, looking at the intersections that shape our lives in different ways is important too. Not to separate us and pull us apart, but for us to recognize the kaleidoscope of human nature that we all contain. Our differences can make us strong; but they are also an important part of acknowledging that the struggles we face as LGBTI+ people do not always look the same. As we fight for our equal rights, we must therefore remember to be allies to one another, to listen and learn from experiences that differ from our own and take into account the many ways one can face structural inequalities and marginalization.  

That is what we are doing with this edition of the magazine and with this year’s Winter Pride. We are inviting you to join the conversation and to both share and listen. We want to create a space where we can talk about both our struggles and our victories without prejudice. To recognize our strengths both as a united community and as nuanced individuals.

In this edition, you can hear from people who have been faced with lacking accessibility in a Pride context. You can also explore the disturbing link between so-called ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBTI+ people and the mistreatment of autistic people. We dive into the history of the Pride-flag, reject the notion of virginity, and explore how kink and queerness can intersect in supportive and exciting ways. Of course, we also have the full program for Winter Pride Week, which we encourage you to explore – and of course we look forward to welcoming you to Huset-KBH from 20 February!

On behalf of the HeartCore editorial staff

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