Parade 2023 registration is open now!

Last year, over 30,000 people took to the streets for the Copenhagen Pride Parade, and 250,000 spectators lined the route as it wound through the streets of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen in the August sunshine. Registration is now open for Copenhagen Pride Parade 2023, which this year will take place on 19 August.

What is Copenhagen Pride Parade?

The Pride Parade is a demonstration for acceptance and rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, asexual and queer (also referred to as LGBTI+) people. Individuals and small groups of friends do not need to register to participate in the Parade, but groups and companies do. 

The Parade is about freedom, rights and acceptance; about understanding that we are not all the same or think alike, and about respect for the individual’s right to their own body, identity, expression and sexuality.

It is a goal in itself that the space we create is not just aimed at individual population groups. If you stand with us, you stand for everyone in our community, without exception.

As a participant in the Parade during Copenhagen Pride, you join this demonstration for fundamental principles of freedom and human rights, as well as a celebration of diversity.

As part of our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2025, this year we expect that our Parade will become the first in the world to be all-electric.

Who needs to register?

Individuals and groups of friends with less than five people do not need to register for the parade. Larger groups and organisations, businesses, and associations must apply for participation via this link.

The deadline to apply is Friday 19 May, although applications are considered on a rolling basis from March. Priority will always be given to LGBTI+ community organisations and to our Partners. 

Message and entertainment

The Pride Parade is a demonstration for equal rights and a celebration of diversity. We expect all participating groups to have a message they want to get across and to have thought about and taken a stand on how they can support the fight for LGBTI+ equality. We also ask everyone to consider how they can make the most of the festive aspect of the parade and give spectators something beautiful and exciting to look at.

At the end of March we will announce the theme of the year for Copenhagen Pride Week 2023, so keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates!

Here on the website you can read more information about registration and the rules for participating in the parade.

We can’t wait to hit the streets under the rainbow flags once again!

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