General Meeting 2023

Copenhagen Pride will hold its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30 November at 17.00 at Farvergade 2 according to the following preliminary agenda:

  1. Election of moderator
  2. Election of a rapporteur
  3. Election of vote counters
  4. The board’s report on the organisation’s activities in the past year
  5. Presentation of the audited accounts
  6. The organisational supervisor’s report is presented for information
  7. Presentation of the budget
  8. Submitted proposals
  9. Determination of membership fee
  10. Election of political chairperson (elected for 2 years at a time). Lars Henriksen is up for election.
  11. Election of board members and alternate board members (three board members must be elected). Up for election as board members are: Tommy Petersen, Lai Christian Balsig, Fombu Asaha and Mette Willenbrock Hattens.
  12. Election of auditor, internal auditor and deputy auditor. Election of deputy auditor is not applicable if a professional auditor is elected.
  13. Any other business

The finalised agenda, as well as the wording of proposals received, will be posted on the association’s website no later than 7 days before the general meeting:

Proposals for the general meeting or candidacy for the board must be received by the organisational chairperson, Benjamin Hansen, no later than 20 November 2023: [email protected].

If a member wants assistance in wording a proposal so that it will be valid for a vote at the general meeting, you can submit your intention with the proposal and then last year’s moderator will formulate the intention with the proposal into a real proposal for changes to the articles of association. Send this to the organisational chairperson, Benjamin Hansen, no later than 16 November.

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