LGBT Plus 30 donates to Copenhagen Pride’s solidarity fund

Our LGBTQIA+ community truly shines when we show support for one another. This was certainly the case on the 7th of March, when members of the Facebook group LGBT Plus 30????️‍???? threw a Grand Prix party at Kafé Knud and used to occasion to collect money for a good cause. The group then chose to donate 2542 kr. to Copenhagen Pride’s solidarity fund, which is used to support Prides and other LGBTQIA+ organizations all over the world where it’s needed most. Currently, there is a lot of focus on Poland, where the creation of so-called “LGBT free zones” pose a threat to the safety and human rights of the Polish LGBTQIA+ community. At the beginning of the year, Copenhagen Pride helped sponsor a conference for Polish prides in Warsaw, helping a community under pressure to mobilize and gain strength!

Solidarity is what can keep the world together right now. It is therefore imperative that, as we are facing a crisis of our own, we don’t forget our solidarity with LGBTQIA+ persons in communities under pressure elsewhere in the world. At Copenhagen Pride, we’re proud to have the opportunity to provide organizational and financial support to initiatives around the world through our solidarity fund. We’re overjoyed that others have noticed the option of contributing contributed to the pool, and assure ensuring that we can do even more. We’re grateful for the donation by LGBT Plus 30, that which we will make sure will be put to the best possible use in Poland. We will direct the money to the solidarity fund with greetings from LGBT Plus 30, says Lars Henriksen, chairperson of Copenhagen Pride.

Admins of the page, Bo and Mathias, state:

There’s a pronounced concerned and feeling of powerlessness among the members of our Facebook group, LGBT Plus 30????️‍????, about the undemocratic activities and human rights violations happening in Poland to suppress the LBGT community. That’s why the group has decided to donate part of our proceeds from our Grand Prix party on the 7th of March to Copenhagen Prides solidarity funds, which supports projects all over the world, including the support fund for Polish Prides. The group will be donating a total of 2542 kr., which we wish to be earmarked to our friends in Poland. The money was collected to the 32 guests who participated in the party at Kafé Knud – well done, if we do say so ourselves!

LGBT Plus 30????️‍???? is a social Facebook group for LGBTQIA+ persons 30 years or older. You can find the group here: here.

From the bottom of our hearts, Copenhagen Pride thanks you for the donation!

If you’re interested in making a donation towards the work of Copenhagen Pride, you can do so here: here.

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