Digital Copenhagen Pride Parade 2020

We have been looking forward to lifting the veil: we will be creating Copenhagen Pride week in a virtual space. Through our website, you enter a virtual version of City Hall Square. Follow our debates, events and activities as if you were physically present. Copenhagen Pride is working on full power over the summer, together with Agenda Group, to create this new platform. Copenhagen Pride Week will be executed – now also in digital form! You will still to be able to show up at the tents at City Hall Square and participate in debates live as well.

“Will there even be a Pride this year”?

This is perhaps the most asked question we receive on our various platforms, and as we have already firmly established: yes, there will be a Pride this year, and it won’t be long before we can unveil the program in its entirety.

Virtual Space

Together with Agenda Group, we have started to create a virtual framework that are similar to “virtual reality”. Through this platform, you will be able to move around in a digital version of the Town Hall and explore the Human Rights Programme and the Culture Programme – live!

Pride Square

If you walk past Pride Square during Pride Week, you might be surprised to see that there are actually four large debate tents in the middle of City Hall Square, which display the logo of Copenhagen Pride Week. Because didn’t we just say it was going to be online? And yes, it will be – but the content shown online is filmed and livestreamed in these very tents, where, depending on regulations from the government, we can adjust how many people are allowed to sit inside the tents and watch; still, of course, with all the security measures that we have gradually become accustomed to seeing.

Human Rights Programme and the Culture Programme – august 17th till 21st

All our volunteers have worked at full power and with an impressive dedication to adapt the content of Copenhagen Pride Week to the many requirements, without relaxing the slightest bit on quality.

We are therefore pleased to write that we have a programme in place, which we look forward to presenting over the summer – and in its entirety in the new magazine, which is on the streets at the end of July.  

Show – will be held on August 22nd

Artists and performers around the world have been hit hard by the mass cancellations during the most important season of the year, when festivals and concerts have had to cancel and postpone. Another challenge that we have been working on, and which we are very soon ready to tell the whole world about. Our creative show team has presented a – dare we say – rather sensational digital solution that very few organizers in the world have been given the opportunity to use. We’re really a little proud of that.

Parade – will be held on August 22nd

Perhaps the most iconic element of Copenhagen Pride in terms of visibility is of course our parade. The march, which is equal parts celebration and demonstration, has taken place every year since 1996, so it’s very strange to imagine a Pride without it. But! There’s going to be both a digital and physical manifestation that adheres to all guidelines, and YOU can be part of it. Keep an eye on our social media; there will be a wonderful call made very soon, and we dare to promise that Saturday will not go unnoticed for anyone!

All in all, we are just on the verge of reinventing our familiar framework – and we are so excited to show you!

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