Message from Copenhagen Pride regarding Pride 2020

“To all of you, who have worked hard planning festivals, markets and other big events this summer: Unfortunately, I have a very important announcement: Large assemblies until and including August will be banned” – Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

Naturally, Copenhagen Pride is sad to hear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksens announcement, even though we fully support the decision. A core value in Copenhagen Pride is to care for the weak and show community spirit and solidarity. These values will guide us in all reasoned decisions that must be made in regard to Copenhagen Pride 2020.

Chairperson of Copenhagen Pride, Lars Henriksen, says:
“We completely trust the position of the Danish government and will act accordingly, even though it isn’t the situation we could have all hoped for. We will now deliberate and take the time to think and find constructive and creative solutions. During the board meeting on the 21st of April we will discuss the situation thoroughly. After the meeting we will be able to say more about possible solutions. At this moment, we need to stay cool”.

We know that these are challenging times for everyone, but if the LGBTQIA+ community is versed in anything, it’s trials and tribulations – so we know that we will get through this as we always have: together.

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