Make your mark on Denmark’s biggest LGBTI+ event!

Copenhagen Pride is Denmark’s biggest, most colourful, and most diverse human rights manifestation and for more than 25 years has brought the campaign for equality and diversity to the streets of Copenhagen. The organisation is primarily run by passionate volunteers, and the key persons in charge of the various fields are called area managers. From developing our program to keeping our guests safe to keeping them from being thirsty, the area managers oversee and help shape and develop our events. 

We are an organisation in constant development, and we have seen a great expansion in recent years, where we’ve both hosted WorldPride and navigated the challenges of COVID. Building on that evolution, we are now recruiting five area managers. We are looking for people with a keen interest in human rights and LGBTI+ issues and who are excited at the thought of sustaining organisational growth, gaining personal skills and expanding their network. 

The Head of Parade will take the lead on the planning, organisation and delivery of the Copenhagen Pride Parade each year. When most people think of Pride, they think of the Parade, where LGBTI+ people and allies alike take to the streets to celebrate our existence and demand equal rights. The right candidate for this position is familiar with executing large events, including concerns regarding safety and crowd management and can remain calm in a fast-paced environment . 

The Head of Bar Operations will ensure that our bars are running smoothly throughout the events, including managing the volunteer bar managers and stock management, and to train your team before the event. This is an exciting role for a person who’s comfortable with keeping an organised overview of a large area that creates a considerable part of our budget and ensures that we can stay the largest free Pride in Scandinavia. 

The Head of Pride Art will build on the award-winning project launched last year and act as the link between Copenhagen Pride and the Queer art communities. Pride Art is a platform and a learning space where art, artists and the public meet in dialogue about identity, gender and sexuality based on the visual arts. In this role, you will have varied experience across the spectrum of visual arts and a commitment to increasing visibility of LGBTI+ art.

Each year Copenhagen Pride provides reserved areas for invited guests. These include representatives of our partners and sponsors, community organisations, political leaders, international activists, visitors and guests, and artists performing on our stages. As Head of Hospitality you are responsible for ensuring that these areas are welcoming and well provisioned and that our guests have a relaxing and enjoyable time with us. 

At Copenhagen Pride, we’re committed to increasing our efforts to secure inclusion and accessibility for all members of the LGBTI+ community. That is why we’re recruiting a Head of Community Outreach, whose responsibility  will be to work across the organisation to ensure that we serve well those in our community who are sometimes left out, including women, young people, older people, people from religious communities, and the kink community. 

If you think you are the right person for either of these roles, send an email with your resume and motivation to Benjamin Hansen (Organisational Chair) at [email protected]

All area manager positions are unpaid volunteer roles, and you are expected to set aside 6-8 hours per week throughout the year, with more hours necessary as we get close to Pride in August and Winter Pride in February. You will be part of the area manager team, who meets monthly and work together across the areas.

Want to know more? Come and join us for a presentation of the five areas and meet some of the other area managers on 15 February at 17.00-20.00 at our office in Farvergade 2. Wine, beer and soft drinks will be available. We’re looking forward to welcoming some new faces into the organisation and we encourage everyone to apply regardless of background. 

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